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mermaid pom
14th Jul 2009, 09:15
while playing the game in battle ship mode the voice and movement all play in slow motion it sounds funniy but it used to be ok normal battle on land are ok it has just started doing it this my first post aged 75 yrs love pcc games glad i found this site have lots of eidos games thank you :wave:

14th Jul 2009, 17:29
Has something changed since you last played the game? Did you install new drivers for your video card or so. Also did it happen before in battle ship mode?

mermaid pom
15th Jul 2009, 03:13
it never happened before in battle ship mode the voice in the battle is slow and long drawn out the sound of voice sounds shakey never done it in 3yrs of use tried doen loading onto another pc same result all land games ok this happends in quick game and also when you do naval battles no new drivers used it sounds like the naval battle and sound not syncro in together thanks for your reply i have tried everything in game ops no joy love this game

mermaid pom
20th Jul 2009, 02:55
stil canot work this slow motion on naval games opened folder of i m g and checked voices in navalgames using music player all ok it seems when naval part of the game starts up even when loading bar shows the crackling sound starts the when orders in battle start there slow and slurred only does this with naval battles rest all ok even the quick game does it ????

22nd Jul 2009, 16:21
Sorry for the late response, been busy. I forgot to ask, do you have the patch for Imperial Glory installed?

mermaid pom
22nd Jul 2009, 22:06
i do not have patch installed how can i get this thanks for reply

mermaid pom
22nd Jul 2009, 22:10
when naval battles start to load the sound changes i seems the sound is out of step with game and in slow motion tried lots of things i do not have the original disc i cant reistall the game i have lots of games this is the omly one that goes wrong only in naval battles????????

23rd Jul 2009, 09:15
Patch can be downloaded from here:


not sure or it will fix the problem but it's worth a shot