View Full Version : Anyone knows about the Intangir?

14th Aug 2012, 02:45
Yeahhh.....I was exploring a triangular island when i randomly got into battle against an invisible enemy and when I attacked it with magic i got this thing that looked like a behemoth. My attacks did jack and well, he kinda Meteor spammed me for the next couple of turns before i bailed out. any general advice?

21st Aug 2013, 20:23
Final Fantasy 6...Intangir is in FF6.
He's invisible, I think you can dispel it. I Wouldn't recommend fighting him at a low level, god it's been years since I played the game, but I do recall beating him, a combination of Hi-potions, etc and reflect on team mates.

I dunno other than that, thinking back 15 years is a little foggy now.