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12th Jul 2009, 22:15
In all the demos the subtitles are always on ..... What is your preference .... Subtitles off or on?

12th Jul 2009, 22:17
on so i can pretend i can read

12th Jul 2009, 22:18
I hate subtitles, but to many games now a days make the dialogue to soft, even when its turned all the way up ... or it gets lost in the background noise

12th Jul 2009, 22:21
I have to say on because I am hard at hearing in my right ear.

12th Jul 2009, 22:22
Why didn't you have a third one as an option? Most games do that. But if I had to choose one I would pick yes. They could make the letters cool looking for each character.

Why So Serious ?
12th Jul 2009, 22:23

12th Jul 2009, 22:25
I am gonna Keep them on Because I don't Always Focus on what they Say so I'll Just Read it

12th Jul 2009, 22:26
I like having them on cause then you sometimes get stuff you wouldn't normaly hear.

12th Jul 2009, 22:42
The first time i play it I'll keep them off just to enjoy the complete experience and soak in all of the amazing graphics and detail the makers put into the environment and character depth. The second time tho i'll put the subtitles on just to make sure i know exactly what they're saying. i find myself reading the words instead of watching the beautiful animations if the subtitles are on.

12th Jul 2009, 22:44
Yea I feel like when there on they distract from the stuff on the screen ... so as long as I can hear I keep them off

12th Jul 2009, 22:45
I like to have subtitles on, incase something happens and i don't hear em. ^^

12th Jul 2009, 22:45

Game Weasel
12th Jul 2009, 22:49
I always have subtitles on, particularly in games like this where there's people talking over PA systems. It's hard to appreciate the dialogue if you're busy beating the brains out of a thug with a crowbar. I'm a very fast reader so if some subtitles pop-up I can read what's said in a couple of seconds, that way I'm free to pay attention to what's going on around me, but I still don't miss out on any clever or funny dialogue between characters.

12th Jul 2009, 23:03
Ooops, I voted off when I meant to vote on on. Oh well. I'll play with them on.

12th Jul 2009, 23:12
I am gonna Keep them on Because I don't Always Focus on what they Say so I'll Just Read it

Got the same problem :P

12th Jul 2009, 23:22
If we have the ability to jack up the voices then I would want the subtitles off they are annoying as hell. However some game settings have the voice low and the effects up higher. But if we can adjust it then my answer is death to subtitles.

12th Jul 2009, 23:37
I hate subtitles, but to many games now a days make the dialog to soft, even when its turned all the way up ... or it gets lost in the background noise

Thats so true. For me it depends on how the audio is, and what time it is. My walls aren't exactly sound proof, and I don't want my neighbors to call the cops on me for a disturbance over a loud tv.

13th Jul 2009, 00:29
I think how the sound is able to be adjusted will be the key for me too. If they break it down like some games into dialogue for one bar, effects another, and music another, then I can find a nice balance to make sure that the dialogue is audible over all else. If not, well, I'll have to give it a listen and see if I can understand the characters in the first few minutes, then I might change it. Also, since I am getting it for PC, there's always the risk that framerate issues and random cut-outs of sound might happen. All of these will factor in, but I will hope to play it without the subtitles.

13th Jul 2009, 00:31
Got the same problem :P

Good I thought I was The Only One ;)

Night Watcher
13th Jul 2009, 01:58
on cause sometimes whay they say is lost in the surrounding sounds

13th Jul 2009, 02:09
I'm voting no, but subtitles are pivotal though. You can read about sounds you didn't quite hear the first time, things you couldn't quite catch audibly are written visibly in black and white and most importantly deaf people wont complain on your game forums *Coughs "Assassins Creed"* lol.

13th Jul 2009, 02:46
Off, I can't stop looking at them if they are on lol

Black sabbith102
13th Jul 2009, 02:48
I normally play with them off unless the audio is too low but im pretty confident that this game will be fine since they went all out to get the original voice actors.

13th Jul 2009, 03:10
On....either the dialouge is too soft or the characters speak to fast to understand what they're saying

13th Jul 2009, 07:39
i want them on. so i can say the joker lines.

13th Jul 2009, 08:06
On.For added gameplay experience and incase I misunderstood a word (in other words, thinking they said a different word) and incase I don't catch what they say.

13th Jul 2009, 09:16
Have to love subtitles. I allways have em on in the more story orientated games.

13th Jul 2009, 10:20
on. It's the only way i can understand stuff with my short attention span :D
damn you tv!

13th Jul 2009, 13:30
On, definitely. :D

13th Jul 2009, 13:37
Since I'm German, I prefer to play with subs on, so I don't miss any lines.

13th Jul 2009, 22:35
On, so I don't miss a bit of dialogue.

13th Jul 2009, 22:41
Native speaker: Subtitles off
No Native: Subtitles on
so i voted for On, as long as i don't know how the german voice acting will be.

14th Jul 2009, 00:47
On. It's been a long time, and I want to hear every bit of Conroy and Hamill.

14th Jul 2009, 00:59
Off. When they're on, I find myself reading them more than I am paying attention to the action.

14th Jul 2009, 01:07
Off. i wanna see all the little things and i think reading subtitles takes ME out of the experience

14th Jul 2009, 01:19
All depends. if they have big letters, OFF