View Full Version : Is there a problem ?

12th Jul 2009, 19:32
Hey, First: Sorry .. my English isn't very good because I'm from Germany but I can't find a German Forum about Thief.

I have this problem: I'm playing the Shalebridge mission right now and I can't find any special goods in this mission. I know where they are cause I searched in the Web. But in my game there aren't any special goods. Does my game have a problem? Is there any cheat to miss this mission out? I don't know what to do I want to continue playing. Hope u can help me.


13th Jul 2009, 05:12
Have you played the game before you began to use a walkthrough? Does the walkthrough not tell you where they are?

Anyway, it's a very common question. A thorough search should be enough to find the special loot. Director's Office, Lobotomy Room, and Morgue.


17th Jul 2009, 18:00
I am quite sure there is nothing wrong with the game.

The essence of the game of Thief is to look everywhere and to find things that are well hidden while avoiding difficulties with the AI. If you use walkthroughs and cheats you are not playing the game, you are taking a tour. It is OK to ask questions, but it seems to me that, if you can't find any one of the four items, you are not searching hard enough.