View Full Version : Just Cause not working

12th Jul 2009, 14:14
The game is showing a problem with Direct x. I ahve recently installed Dx 10

10th Jan 2010, 04:51
understand that you have DX10 but the game may not run if ..

1.do you have Videocard at least Geforce FX5500 and Higher?

2.if you dont have graphic card installed you need G31/G33 chipset installed inside you motherboard

3.are you using Vista? if yes then Vista has that normally even you have video card , cause if not if you still using XP that you force to install a DX10 the DX10 still can't run properly

4.did you brought the game for real or you got the game somewhere else for free? most pirated games gives some type of unknown error which hard to solve it..

-and stop posting repeated problem just to get your attention and stop creating multiple account no ones gonna help you ..just buy the game your headahe is gone forever lol