View Full Version : The "Asteroids" movie?

10th Jul 2009, 01:30
The last couple of days I've been hearing reports of a movie in the works based on the game Asteroids. Are they kidding? I thought Doom was a seriously loose plot given the game. This fart-fest is going to be 98% unrelated to the game, and is basically capitalizing on the game name to get people to see some producer's pet project. Ironically, Uwe Boll is nowhere near this one.

The biggest insult is that Hollywood does this senseless game-to-movie transition while continuing to ignore the richness that is the Legacy of Kain story. What's next, Pong the movie? :mad2:

10th Jul 2009, 06:46
No it will not be Pong the movie! It will be Tetris the movie its more popular than Pong :p

10th Jul 2009, 20:40
That's kind of funny. I was actually playing Asteroids on an arcade machine a few weeks ago. By the way, if you ever play it on an arcade at some point, I found some weird little bug that you can exploit, or at least, it was in the one I played. After you lose all your lives and it shows you the screen where you insert your initials, press the player 1 button and you'll get a free game. I discovered this thinking that I was supposed to push that button anyway, and got a bunch of free plays out of it.
But Asteroids the movie? "Look at the size of those asteroids! They must be 500 miles aross, and that's only the small ones! And they're coming right for Earth! Quick, get in that ship and fly out there and blow all those asteroids up! But watch out, because when you blow up the big ones, they turn into smaller ones, and there are even bigger ones than those! But don't let your guard down son, our intel says that once you destroy them all, even more will come out of nowhere! You're humanity's only hope, son! Make us proud!"

11th Jul 2009, 01:38
"As if that weren't enough, aliens attack you at the same time in tiny little UFO's."

I think it's going to be a Starship Troopers kind of thing that centers around a group of young cadets who go through asteroid defense academy, then go on to become unlikely heroes in the ongoing war against the floating rock menace. Freakin' ridiculous. :mad:

12th Jul 2009, 00:17
lol, well, it's not as if Asteroids has a truly engaging story to stick to:p

And I am not caring about Hollywood not recognizing the richness of LoK. I just want Eidos to remember the richness of it, and get to making a new game:p

And, and, I thought Doom was actually enjoyable, ha. It wasn't Oscar-worthy, but it wasn't Uwe Boll bad either.

12th Jul 2009, 03:12
Ha ha ha! The fake screenplay in this is even better!