View Full Version : comparing LoK with classics

4th Jul 2009, 19:04
you if have ever got a chance to have a look in english history or in classics you would have found great things there but there are things i personally did not like much as to be included in classics so here i want to compare some work of classics to series of lok
not only classics but also every thing you have liked anywhere might be of some other game or movie or any thing

here i want to start from Marloe's DR: Faustus

well i have read all the drama carefully and ther is nothing i found which makes it better than dialogue in LOK (soul reaver is part of LOK series) here i want to ask why did not LOK received a palce in classics ::: if we can have things like Faustus in hall of fame

my idea of Faustus of including in classics is that in time Faustus came there was Faust a German Ledgend (my be true storry) but in a verry cruel way it was described like Faust is the worst man in world. but in Dr: Faustus we see he had desire for knowledge and in the time it was written ppl tend to have knowledge wordly passions were nothing for them (or as to say it : i thikn they were hypocrite) and Faustus was a man of knowledge and he liked nothing more than this and would accept nothing less than world domination. on the other hand Faust had lust of wordly pleasures
so the reason i think Marloe's Faustus gained recognition is he wrote drama in a new vogue
but have your say here and compare Faustus with Kain or Raziel or any other chracter or compare dialogue or story please