View Full Version : Blood Omen Day/Night Cycle Glitch?

Majiin Raziel
3rd Jul 2009, 07:40
Hello Everyone,
I have been a fan of Lok Since Soul reaver. Finally i have been able to get my hands on Blood omen and it's just amazing.

I've searched these forums for my question but have not found anything.

Anyway, it says in the manual that the day night cycle it 15 min for a full day 7.5 for day and 7.5 for night. But i've been far enough to get wolf form and when i watched the time for the night cycle it was 5-3 min and day was 7 or more and i was wondering if there was a problem with my disc (it's used and not in the best condition) or if the manual was wrong . I've been playing it in my ps2 if that matters.

Any Input towards this is greatly appreciated

Thank you

3rd Jul 2009, 08:36
did you count that with a stopwaych? :D
don't worry about it, as long as the day/night is halved equally on the little sundial on the sarcofigus, there's nothing wrong.
and not eveything printed in game booklets is acurate
but if your abit worried, just give the disc a gentle clean and see if it does it again (i also have a used PSX version that i play on my PS2 (makes it go 'faster' doesn't it ;) ) :) )
i think the only glitch you should worry about - if it happens to you, i might not, is when you get the Lightning Spell later on in the game

Majiin Raziel
4th Jul 2009, 04:59
Lol i wish...couldn't find my stop watch though:p

Well i did some checking on a playthrough on youtube and it is longer days than nights.
What would happen is that the sun would appear at 6 o'clock on the sundial. Then it would go 360 degrees to 6 o'clock again and continue to almost 10 o'clock and change to night. Night would start there and go untill the next 6 o'clock and change to day again (not even 360 degrees). if you watch the 4th video and fast forward it along with the 5th video you can see that.

Atleast it's not my disc though, since i don't think i can find another one and this one has already been cleaned as much as possible.

Anyway, thanks for the response. It is very appreciated.

Off topic. If any devs from Eidos etc are looking here i really hope you make another Lok Game. They are some of the best games i have ever played.

10th Jul 2009, 08:20
*chuckle* i only know it's getting dark/light by the change in colour on screen (thou if there's a thunderstorm during the day it looks like it's night time) ;) :D
i've seen the YT vid of a BO walkthrough -not sure if it's the same vids you've seen? - but i didn't pay much attention to them seen as i'd already finished the game awhile previous, but if i ever come across them again, i'll nosy at the sundail :)
there's eBay if you want a copy of your own?...

*MASSIVE GLOMP* welcome :D

OT: http://lokprodigalsons.webs.com/apps/forums/topics/show/815023-extremely-important-there-will-be-a-new-lok-?page=1 , now there's the question if it'll be any good thou? will it be taking 'liberties' with the LOK franchise? guess we'll have to wait IF it get's released...