View Full Version : FFXIV ARR PS4 Mouse issues

24th Feb 2014, 16:07
No matter what kind of mouse I try to use with the game it just doesn't seem it work. The ps4 registers the mouse as a mouse and lets me connect it to a user, so in theory it should work. My keyboard is working fine, just struggling with this mouse issue. Was wondering if anyone else was getting the same problem or if I was an incompatible mouse.

I've used a wired usb mouse and a wireless dongle mouse so far, neither of which worked.

Anyone got any ideas?

25th Feb 2014, 08:57
I've not got a PS4 myself yet so can't help I'm afraid, I would have thought it was like the PS3 where any USB mouse would work. Used several different models on the PS3 fine, both wired and wireless dongle style.

25th Feb 2014, 22:23
Yeah I did the same when I was using my ps3 with the same mouse I have now and it was working. Must be something to do with the ps4 itself i guess

26th Feb 2014, 09:08
You might want to check the PS forums to see if anyone else has reported mouse problems on the PS4, seems to be more related to the console than the game.