View Full Version : Why won't they make FFXIII available on PlayStation Store?

15th Nov 2013, 00:34

I'm new, so I'm sorry if this issue has already been brought up, but where is Final Fantasy XIII ?

I just got a used PS3 where the cd thing doesn't work, and I've been playing FF 13-2 with a friend of mine (who would've lent me their game cd of FF 13, if it wasn't for the fact that I can't use it on my broken PS3)

I've been trolling the PS3 store to download it, but it isnt there! How can Final Fantasy XIII not be in the store? I've finished 13-2 now, but I've missed alot of backstory and really want to play FF 13.

Anybody got any clues on how to get it? And why on earth it isnt in the PS3 store? I can understand not having hardcopied cd's for sale in physical shops, but a download link? How can they not have that?

Please Help........

15th Nov 2013, 00:54
I think the reason you don't see it available for download is - FF13 used up a LOT of disc-space on the hard copy. There were over 30GB of CGI movies alone. I believe "Sony" and "Microsoft" have set limits to how much space a single game takes up.

15th Nov 2013, 12:52
They sell it very cheap online, like $20 or even less on some sites. I think the game is nearly 50 GB, not suitable for download.

16th Nov 2013, 10:06
alanman178 - thank you for your reply. How unfortunate to hear that they have restrictions on that. I guess I'll never get to play it unless I play with someone elses ps3. Thanks though :-)

Mooka - as I said, my PS3 is broken, I can't use cd's, it has to be download. so I guess I won't get to play it.

Thanks for the replies :-)

17th Nov 2013, 02:56
You're welcome. :)

It's too bad that it's not FF13-2 you're after with that one being available for download from the PS Store. That just brings up that old saying, "Go figure".

24th Feb 2014, 09:28
FINAL FANTASY XIII is the only FINAL FANTASY game on the PS3 not available on the PlayStation Store. Any reason why?