View Full Version : Help with Soundreaver 2

20th Jun 2009, 00:48
Hey guys. I recently d/l psound and soundreaver2 from lost worlds site. can't get the music files from sr2 or bo2. i followed the instructions, but, no luck. i maybe mistaken, but, i believe the contents of the 2 zip files are the same. they have the same file names and date codes. any help is greatly appreciated.:scratch:

22nd Jun 2009, 15:28
phew... that's quite a lot :p

I hope for you that vampmaster or blincoln will be around anytime soon..... :p

(why am I all busy with the :p btw?!)

25th Jun 2009, 19:09
The second zip file doesn't have the correct executable in it. It's been something I've been meaning to update for awhile but haven't had time.