View Full Version : Creatures in Mountains?

17th Jun 2009, 16:53
Have you seen frozen creatures in mountains area,they look like ancient vampires,but what are they doing there:scratch:

18th Jun 2009, 15:58
I don't suppose you could post a picture? Blood Omen 1 was full of easter eggs so perhaps they're just there for good looks lol

18th Jun 2009, 16:02
I think I remember them, they're frozen statues in the Oracle of Nosgoth caves as far as I can recall. Perhaps you can break them with the mace though I really can't remember. I'm afraid nobody knows what they are since it's not explained in the games, though I agree that they resembled Ancient Vampires.

18th Jun 2009, 21:45
I REMEMBER THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those big winged things?! I already asked the hell out of myself what those things were.........

19th Jun 2009, 04:29
Winged things? I always assumed they were people frozen against the walls in a crucified sort of position (and it only took me a few seconds to realize what you meant when you mentioned frozen creatures in mountains.... I've really played this game a lot :D). You know, there's always dead or tortured humans lying around all over the place in that game.

19th Jun 2009, 07:52
I will try to find my blood omen game and post picture;)

10th Jul 2009, 08:24
Perhaps you can break them with the mace though I really can't remember. .

you can't do anything to them, i'd tried :(

heh, i always thought they were some sort of frozen demons :lol: