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16th Jun 2009, 10:50
Hi All

I can't see any one else with this problem on the forum, which makes me think that as tempting as it is to cry "bug", I might well actually be doing something stupid.:mad2:

My problem is that on the "Flatline" mission, I can't seem to use the syringes for either the fake death poison, or its antidote. I can use the ordinary poison just fine as well as the sedative. But if I choose either of the other two, "47" just rumages in his pocket and comes out with an empty hand.

Anyone have an idea what I might be missing?

Many thanks

18th Jun 2009, 15:02
Hello again :)

things are a little slow moving here for an impatient forest dweller like myself, so I looked elsewhere for the answer and found it.

So in case this might be usefull to anyone stuck in the same place in the future and also for the benefit of at least the 17 folks who read this post so far but didn't know the solution....

The two injections in question are not applied in the same way as anything else you draw from your arsenal. In fact you can only inject the agent iwth the fake death syrum, once you have killed the target he supplies you with when you first talk to him. At which point you get a prompt to press "e" to inject the syrum. :)

Beware those of you who have already spoken to him in a prior attempt, think you know who the target is already and are thus tempted to off him on the way to the agent to save time. The target "changes" each time, so you must talk to the agent first. :)

Hope that'll be helpfull to any other seekers.