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15th Jun 2009, 21:42
I am on the ship and I can't find what they want and I been all over the boat also what does the sewers look like is I am lost.

17th Jun 2009, 00:42
I may be late, but.

When you enter the ship go to the right and into the captains cabin. Check it out.

Then go to the end of the hall and you need to drop down into the hold. There are three levels to the ship. You are on the second when you enter. The Captains cabin is on one.

So in the lowest hold which you reach by dropping through a hole in the deck in one of the rooms on the right at the far end of the level you enter the ship on.

The Tablet you are looking for is in a chest on the lowest level. There are two wandering Spectres down there you need to avoid.

The Zombie on the upper levels are really not a problem. In the second room on the right you will find a bottle of "holy water" you can use on the zombies and spectres, although Flashbombs work best.

I don't know what sewers you are looking for. But the entrance to the underground citadel is on the street just above the steps down to the dock weapons shop. On the right hand side you will see a dark alley. In the back is a grate that lets you down to the "sewers"

30th Jun 2009, 14:00
is the lower level where all those boxes are and there a blocked hall? I went into the captian cabin and read his book that he did'nt finshed writing.

30th Jun 2009, 19:42
Yes. Where the boxes are. You go down a stair from where you entered to a lower level, and then drop through a hole to the bottom-most cargo area.

There are two or three holes you can drop down through, and two or three "ghosts" wandering the halls.

As I recall there is only one zombie on the middle deck, and one in the upper near the captains cabin.

1st Jul 2009, 11:28
I found the hole I saw that hole the frist tme when I started and avoided it. funny I needed it.l.o.l. thank u.

1st Jul 2009, 19:24
I found the hole I saw that hole the frist tme when I started and avoided it. funny I needed it.l.o.l. thank u.

Remember, Yvonne. You need to look in every corner of every room (ship) or whatever. Investigate every passageway or "hole" and if you can drop in or squeeze through a gap. You need to do that. :)