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jay pettitt
12th Jun 2009, 17:50
Err, can we get one please.

Only we've got a few hundred over enthusiastic gamers, all desperate to see their favourite ideas incorporated into Thi4f and clamouring for attention - only none of us really have any idea what we're talking about - we don't know of the realities of developing a top flight game or the fineries of ludic mechanisms. It'd be really good to hear, for example, what EM's take on the relative merits of 1st vs 3rd person perspective is, or whether string of pearl story telling is relavent in 2009 or are open ended game worlds are the way to go.

Then we can really start arguing.

12th Jun 2009, 18:10
I second this.

But I suppose this will only start once they have some stuff to show us.
Would be nice though, to get some updates on their progress etc.


12th Jun 2009, 19:53
Yes, but they are not saying anything. At least they should say if they are reading this forum... we just want to know if there is anyone of them here! even if they come here once a month...

I think it would be good for them to listen to toughts of fans. but it depends what kind of gamers they expect... old (us fans - "only old good blackjack is what I need" "Stephen Russel is the god" "basements, oh, only if I must" "(a zombie jumps out) aah press escape and wait your pulse to get down") or new ("wow look at the graphics!" "I can jump on roofs just like assassins creed just with a new repulsion push for a beter traction" "I can kill 10 taffers in a second with this chaingun! just try you to kill more!" "wow! there are 1493 weapons to choose from, 231 animals to ride on, 453 outfits for customization of character, 213 barbers, and all that in the city of 100km, with completely no story! yay my dream came true!")

In TDS they tryed to find ballance... so... did they really make it...

jay pettitt
12th Jun 2009, 20:03
I'm sure Rene keeps half an eye on this place...

...and then runs away screaming.

12th Jun 2009, 20:23
Actually I wonder, are they reading this forum?

12th Jun 2009, 20:35
heh, I didn't know bout Rene... nice to know now. and yes, I think they should always read it, I mean if I were a developer I would!

12th Jun 2009, 21:36
Hehe yes we are reading! A dev blog will come one day, that's for certain, however it's a long way off at this point with no ETA. :hmm:

12th Jun 2009, 22:04
Yes, it is far too early for a dev blog. We will patiently look forward to it though. :cool:

jay pettitt
12th Jun 2009, 22:25
Is nobody doing anything then...?

12th Jun 2009, 22:44
Not to be rude about it, but LGS was putting stuff out there before they knew what they were doing! Hahaha. But again, if you're all busy and/or haven't settled into a groove, then I understand.

14th Jun 2009, 19:05
Just please Eidos work fast on Thief 4, create it quickly with all of Thief style, with Garrett, choose a good graphic engine, and normal AI.
I'm not getting younger !!!

14th Jun 2009, 19:19
No,no no! No rush please! Great games can't be done in a hurry.