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12th Jun 2009, 14:55
Regardless of the overall quality of the Thief series it seems to me that each game thows up 2 classic missions Bonehoard/Cathedral, Bank/Party, Moira's/Cradle.
I realize folks will have different views of what makes a "classic" mission but I'm just wondering whether 2 classics in T4 would suffice?
There will be a few "so-so" levels but does an overall quality beat the odd "Classic"?

12th Jun 2009, 15:52
In my opinion, almost all missions in for example TMA were classics. Most of them were very, very entertaining.

In TDP around 60-70% of the missions were highly entertaining (in my opinion), while TDS had only a few that really got stuck in the head.

12th Jun 2009, 17:03
I'm with AbysmalGale, but swap TDP and TMA around. I found all of the TDP levels to be really engaging, but some of the TMA levels dragged on a bit too much. Three big Mechanist levels one after the other is a bit overkill, and as mentioned by so many people already, "Casing the Joint" left a lot to be desired.

12th Jun 2009, 17:09
I would go as far as to say that TDS had only two or three real classics, while TDP and TMA had several brilliant missions.

12th Jun 2009, 18:08
Classic mission is a vague term that can be interpreted differently. For me, these all are different flavors of classic missions:

1: Mansion/Bank/Museim/Manor - human guards, lots of rooms and several floors. The occasional alarm and steambot. Secret spaces and hidden rooms, hollow fireplaces...

2: Undead infested ruin: Bonehoard/Cathedral (okok, and the Cradle) - primarily undead (zombies, haunts, apparitions), dark and derelict, with grim events coming to light via scrolls and spirit reenactment. Surprisingly good loot and old artifacts are to be found there.

3. Outside City mission: Assassins, Life of the party, Ambush!, Trace the Courier
A block or two from the City available for exploration. Closed down shops, empty market squares, harlots and annoyed guards that still don't have their dinner brought to them. Lots of houses and side buildings to explore.

4. Pagan wildlands/creepy surreal: The Sword, The Maw of Chaos, Trail of blood: Nautre, tree houses, woodsie beasties and the occasional place that would make Alice on an acid trip look like going to the store.

12th Jun 2009, 18:13
The devs won't know which levels become the most popular of the bunch, though they may have a clue themselves. If they nail the overall feel, then it won't matter how many become classics, but if the feel isn't recaptured, then any classic missions that come of it will help take the edge off the disappointment. But this is really pure speculation.

The more classics the merrier.

12th Jun 2009, 19:31
They should do their best with every level, not just focus on 2 and leave the rest to be average.

Zahr Dalsk
12th Jun 2009, 20:15
In my opinion, almost all missions in for example TMA were classics. Most of them were very, very entertaining.

Quoted for truth.

Anyways, here's what I want to see:

1 or 2 scary, unsettling levels, such as Cradle or Soulforge.
1 Maw of Chaos level.
1 Pagan city level - think the Pagan Sanctuary of DS.
1 Hammerite level.
2 or 3 "secret" levels, ie Keeper library, Kurshok Citadel, Markham's Isle, etc.
4 or more mansion levels, ie Blackmail, Masks, etc (with Mechanist cameos, one hopes).
1 or more rooftop levels, Party style.

Structured TDP/TMA style, as levels, so we can make a save at the start of each one for easy access :) Not that silly TDS way they did it.

13th Jun 2009, 09:15
I agree with most of the statements, what I was trying to get at was that does the presence of "classic" levels raise the overall perception of a game. If you took "Life of the party" out of TMA how would it still rate? Taking "Cradle" out of TDS would have a greater impact, likewise adding another 2 of "Cradle's" quality would have greatly improved it's reception.. In theory the mechanics of the game remain the same from level to level, what makes a "great" game?