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11th Jun 2009, 16:44
In this thread post your ideas for some multiplayer innovations that can be incorporated in Deus Ex 3. Here are a couple of mine. Originally I was gonna limit it to things that can make it to the final game. However anything goes.

1)Some sort of bulletin board across the game that connects to a master server. Here you can post to everyone else out on the internets. Also the board can be filtered to only include your friends which is linked by E-mail or some sort of user name or account.

2)Co-op. Would definitely be fun and many games are doing this now. It might soon become a standard.

3)Standard death match fair and other cool modes.

How bout you guys anything innovative you can think of?

11th Jun 2009, 17:09
OFC, this is assuming there will be a multiplayer, which was already stated to be nonexistent. At release, at least.

As for me, I'd like a Riot mode: Two teams (Rioters vs. Cops), NPC civilians in the crossfire, played in a location of a singleplayer city. Could be played as a standard deathmatch, or a sort of "assault" mode that must be succeeded within a time limit with Cops defending and Rioters attacking. Would be cool.

11th Jun 2009, 20:13
There is a poll about multiplayer
You can engage some discussion

I made a lot of options that normally people should find the options that can fit with their tastes
Also Pyronox have some interesting ideas :)

Zazz Blamymatazz
23rd Jun 2009, 11:04
i reckon co-op would be an awesome multilayer feature even if the second player is not included in videos etc but the skill points and items,ammo are shared equally or even each player has separate pickups but the same thing so its even between the two players

23rd Jun 2009, 14:36
You should be able to blow up people. And Like in Quake, if you keep shooting their dead bodies, it blows up into chunks.

23rd Jun 2009, 14:38
I won't even play a game anymore unless it lets me mutilate corpses with my guns.

23rd Jun 2009, 15:37
You should be able to blow up people. And Like in Quake, if you keep shooting their dead bodies, it blows up into chunks.

Chunks? That is sooo last-decade.

Make use of that pretty PhysX stuff and lets see some real flesh tearing!

23rd Jun 2009, 18:32
One word:

23rd Jun 2009, 23:36
One word:
Yes and no. We need something like Thievery specifically for Deus Ex. The actual DXMP is pretty mediocre in my opinion but DX gameplay would have a lot of potential for multiplayer too.

23rd Jun 2009, 23:41
Ah, and there was me thinking blade hunter wanted to steal chunks of human bodies. Phew!

24th Jun 2009, 03:23

24th Jun 2009, 10:30

I guess Blade_hunter was referring to ThieveryUT (http://www.thieveryut.com/). It's a fan made multiplayer mod for UT based on the gameplay of the original Thief games. Good stuff.

24th Jun 2009, 22:32
Ah, and there was me thinking blade hunter wanted to steal chunks of human bodies. Phew!

Depends, Deus Ex 1 have this feature (try it if you don't believe me), Deus Ex 2 have indestructible corpses
Also this is about the gore system, not the fact the MP is mindless or intelligent ...
I don't suggest to have mindless multiplayer modes and if there is personally I don't care if they do the same DM as the one of Deus Ex ....
The proposals I made (not in the poll, in my post answer ;) ) are more team based and have the possibility to use stealth.

I mentioned Thievery because that's the proof that stealth gameplay can fit with multiplayer.
Ok when you play the guards the gameplay is more basic, but when you play the thieves the gameplay is like the game thief.
But I think everybody should try this one.
Also the AI is pretty smart even if the AI can only play the guards
The mod looks like a professional game and it's well made.

Many multiplayer modes with a deus ex gameplay are much different as their counter parts in action games.
but rare are the people that belive this.
In people's mind multiplayer = mindless games ...
I think everything is possible, up to a certain limit, but most things are possible to do, even intelligent and stealth multiplayer games ...
In the case of Deus Ex a singleplayer game with an incredible multiplayer ....
Really Deus Ex is a game with an huge potential, but we need a lot of things and features to reveal what the core gameplay have to offer !