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22nd Feb 2014, 02:55
The future is now! I have envisioned an MMO like FF 1 through 5, with all the usual traits, 3-4 party members, all customizable, skills, weapons, armor, whatnot.

After recently playing League of Angels and seeing the turned based combat and character customization, I think a game this would be completely possible and very very popular. I would call League of Angels the first generation of a game like this, really the first online game I've played that's come close to what i'm thinking of in a true Final Fantasy MMO.

The usual MMO's now are really getting redundant. I refuse to do a thousand quests and grind to get to max level in a new game, which most I stop playing after a few days. Bascially there was World of Warcraft, it was the first and the last. Diablo, the first and the last. Games come after these with the same model but they are just lesser versions with new coats of paint.

Its so obvious you take something like FF3, modernize it, make the game world enormous, with dungeons and all the fun stuff of old, roll it into an MMO it would be a guaranteed grand slam. It would be the first and the last. Now I'm sure there may be a game or two out there kind of like what I'm talking about but I assure you they are not legit.

The game is there, waiting to be made, I hope Square heeds the call to make the defining Final Fantasy MMO!

23rd Mar 2014, 04:56
I was honestly unsure of where to put this so I decided to put this thread here. I have a few concerns and issues on how things have been going. I have been playing FFXI for 10 years now, I have enjoyed the game and there is no other game out there like it with the flexibility and the versatility that the game has. I want to say coming from someone such as my self for being here for10 years of my life off and on that I have no idea what you think people like me are, the reason I say this is you all just released Reforge for Relic and for Artifact Armor just about 2 to 3 months ago, now you just release these new Delve area's which would be 2 to 3 months later that blows refroge relic and af out of the water, that is including 119 sets as well. I have to say with the lack of people on 11 and the fact that I don't have another 3 months to sit and grind to get all this to keep up and than another 3 months later you do the same thing? I just don't think your going to keep people for very long specially veterans like me, The game use to be you could get armor and it would be good for about a year or 2 years I cant tell you how many people still used AF until AF3 was released,

I think things need to cool down so you can give people time to catch up, yes you will have these players on your games that play nothing else or have nothing better to do but to play FFXI or FFXIV but that is besides the point, I mean i feel like i am pissing in the wind all the time just to try and catch up and than really i am not caught up at all, its frustrating me and its getting on my nerves, same with the 14 now your blowing out the armor with that. i mean i know a lot of people wont see what i am saying and a lot will say oh yes they should do this but you know to me its for the best, i thought the gam was fine with the level sync system and leveling that way with 6 man parties but as an old rule of thumb if its not broken don't fix it! just like the other old saying a once of prevention is worth a pound in repair. its simple but it is what it is, sorry for some of the words but did not know how to put them in any other way :/

25th Mar 2014, 20:04
Isn't it a good thing SquareEnix constantly updating their MMO titles? =P More for those sub-money.....