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8th Jun 2009, 22:12
loved the first game (still do), but one of the things i thought it was lacking was in it's use of the water space.

anyone know if they are giving you anything to do/collect down there?

loved the E3 showing, cant wait to try to attach people to things and possibly get them into water so they sink and follow them down (see what i mean about underwater space).

9th Jun 2009, 12:09
Obviously things aren't finished and set in stone yet but as I understand it there will be collectibles and some of them will be underwater... perhaps this is something we can shine a little more light on further down the line.

Hope that helps for now :)

9th Jun 2009, 14:30
Scuba or mini-subs would be cool. Space would make it a little Moonraker-ish. :nut:

9th Jun 2009, 18:58
Well there were a few collectables in the shallower rivers in the first Just Cause, but other than that, underwater was just a fun little place to visit to see some nice little graphical touches. Unless you were deep in the ocean. Then you didn't see much at all.

I would love to see the underwater scooter come back from the first game, and this time, could we please use it outside of the 2nd-to-last mission maybe?

10th Jun 2009, 08:25
OMG, space. That has to be the one frontier that only Just Cause would attempt to go into. But why the hell not? :D I really hope that the series eventually goes there :nut: Maybe even in JC2...

11th Jul 2009, 20:53
Bahaha...we should be able to randomly fly a space shuttle....lol

17th Jul 2009, 04:05
It'd work well if you went too high with a plane, and had an oxygen meter which started counting down, and it got darker and darker and you started to see stars and the curves of the atmospheres...

Wow, it's only a suggestion, but I can imagine it so well. How cool would that look?! It'd totally set the benchmark for other sandbox games :D

19th Jul 2009, 07:17
Wow! That would be amazing, great idea!
Maybe not the oxygen meter, that would just get annoying for a high flying jet if you wanted to stay up high all the time, but perhaps the engine stops when there is no air left and you just start falling until you stop stalling. That way its not a solid height limit and better for gameplay than an annoying oxygen meter.

Perhaps you could also control a high-flying unmanned vehicle from the ground! Like those military surveillance ones, I can't remember what they are called. Just for fun, and that way they don't even need an oxygen meter.

6th Aug 2009, 13:00
UAV... Unmanned Aerial Vehicle :D

6th Aug 2009, 13:33
Funny UAVs as weapons, like the RCs in Vice City.

9th Aug 2009, 21:20
Has anyone seen those UAVs called PREDATOR DRONES? Type it into google images

10th Aug 2009, 13:59
Those unmanned mini-planes are getting very common today

11th Aug 2009, 10:47
iv seen them b4 theyre cool!

11th Aug 2009, 19:25
They're lethal, I heard one tracked down two Taliban Leaders.

12th Aug 2009, 14:09
Wow! They're allready that useful?

12th Aug 2009, 18:28
Yeah, on the news they were saying in 2005, they had about 3 strikes from the Predators. Last year had about 35, and so far this year has 33; so we're bound to see a significant increase in the strikes this year.

13th Aug 2009, 21:27
Impressive little things

14th Aug 2009, 09:46
Lol, maybe the Predators can form an alliance with the almighty dual grappling hook!?

14th Aug 2009, 17:05
That would just mean the end of the world

14th Aug 2009, 23:04
The High Bishop is a wise, wise man...

15th Aug 2009, 15:00
The High Bishop is a wise, wise man...


4th May 2010, 00:57
Bahaha...we should be able to randomly fly a space shuttle....lol

Has anyone grappled onto the rocket in Fry Me to the Moon? How high can you go before you fail the mission?

4th May 2010, 01:02
Has anyone grappled onto the rocket in Fry Me to the Moon? How high can you go before you fail the mission?

Not very high...

LeGiT Muffinz
4th May 2010, 01:07
Bahaha...we should be able to randomly fly a space shuttle....lol
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