View Full Version : What´s your favourite TDS character ?

Inspector Drept
6th Jun 2009, 04:20
Many new characters are shown in TDS. Which one was your favourite?

Mine was Inspector Drept. He managed to survive the caddle and decided to hunt for the monster that killed his friend, becoming a hammerite. He should have his own game! :D

Well here´s the list:

The Hag/Gamall
Widow Moira
Captain Moira
Lord Julian
Lord Ember
Lady Elizabeth
Heartless Perry
The "living" Craddle
Keeper Artemus
Keeper Orland
Stressed museum owner
Sexy black market shopkeepers
Keeper assassins
Craddle shadows

6th Jun 2009, 05:06
The puppets ("why are you twitching? too much cofee?")

6th Jun 2009, 08:13
Artemus but he was not new.So , Keeper Assassins.I like Cradle Shadows too. By the way, you forgot the Gargoyles:)