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6th Jun 2009, 00:00
hey guys,i was wondering about the challenges for every tomb raider game for the PS and PS2 and PS3.
have you guys noticed that tomb raider is getting weaker with the challenges?
Heres what i mean:
Tomb raider 1:was a bit challenging but the bosses r easy
Tomb raider 2:the final boss was a bit hard
Tomb raider 3: VERY challenging,the bosses were very hard like DR. Willard like you cant shoot him to death, you have to bring the meteorite down then shoot him.
Tomb raider 4:enemies were a bit more challenging but SETH(the final boss)he cant kill you in one shot like DR willard
Tomb raider 5:a bit more challenging especially when u dont carry your items to the next level like Rome to Russia
Tomb raider Angel of darkness:whats the point in healing?? theres not enough enemies
Tomb raider Legend:not enough challenges 'cause the game is short
Tomb raider anniversary:challenging but you guys notice that Crystal Diamics started giving us hints???
Tomb raider Underworld:less challenging than Tomb raider 3 but Lara CAN now die from falling from these heights:


Do you agree?

6th Jun 2009, 09:16
Boss in TR2 was easy, someone completed it in under a 1 minute, defeatnig it.

TR1 bosses (centaurs) were quite hard.
TR3 was hell hard! Especially the final boss!
TR4, takes a long time to complete.
TR5 quite challenging and my favorite TR Game! :D
TR: AOD: You get lots of medipacks, but there is hardly any enemies in game and is hardly finished.
TR: Legend: Few puzzles, more like a hit'n'run game and action/adventure.
TR: Anniversary: Good remake, extra rooms, puzzles, enemies, but enemies and pips to kill
TR: Underworld: You fall 1ft you die, queer game :mad2::mad2::mad2:

6th Jun 2009, 13:19
All the Core games are on about the same of level in difficulty. All very challenging throughout but in a good way.

Legend - PC version is difficult as a bit slow to respond in boss fights. Console version is pretty simple other than the serpent and final bosses. Checkpoints everywhere make it a bit too easy.

Anniversary is fairly easy with the Egypt levels being the only difficult ones

Underworld - Difficulty comes more from searching a whole sea to find an enterance rather than the game itself and small drops seem more lethal. Difficultly came through annoying things like these rather than a difficult game.

For if the games are getting easier on enemies I would say a little easier. The main difference I think is just a length issue. The Core TR's are more difficult for me as they are a lot longer.