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4th Jun 2009, 04:24
> Before i start please note this post is not meant to be a rant, nor a "i hate this game" post but one that is really trying to look at what makes Battlestations Pacific one step forward, but two steps back. If any Devs read this most of the problems noted here should be easy enough to address in a patch, or at least as an option in a future patch, if any are done.

>> As a Battlestations Midway vet, i was looking forward to BSP with very high hopes, only to find they were very much let down. Now, keeping in mind that the Battlestations games are action wargames vs a simulator wargame such as Pasific Storm Allies, there is still a level of realism that must be kept to make a historial tactics game such as BSP true. So, with realism in mind, but still within what BS is, i will lay out what i think are the major problems with BSP that need to be addressed before it can truly be up to par with its former.

First: Autorepair.

Autorepair has really dumbed down the tacics of BSP. In BSM if you misused your ships and took a heavy hit from torpedos or bombs in an air strike or underwater attack, your ship ( or ships ) could be cripled for the rest of the battle, if they made it at all. Now in BSP even if you where to hit my BB or CV with 3 whole flights worth of torps or bombs and my ship is burning or flooding to its end, if i can repair it fast enough just to say alive, it will magicly fix itself to full health in 10 min or less. Whats the point of attacking to damage and cripel your enemy if they can just autorepair it to almost full health before you planes even have a chance to reload. Its a very major problem that needs to be looked at as an option to have it turned off for both SP and MP.

Second: Autoaim.

Now at first i thought this might be a little more realisic, because most capital ships and even down to the DDs, had gun directors and radar to help sight the gun. This is what would have given IOWA an edge in battle vs YAMATO because of her better long range gunnery. However, overall, ive found it just makes the game a sniping match with all ships hitting the first time they fire in 95% of battles. Its not even close to historial or even fun for that matter. After replaying Battlestations Midway after Pacific, i was reminded
how much better it was before Autoaim, seeing as battles last MUCH longer and it comes much closer to what WW2 naval combat was like.

Third: The magic HUD or the words over enemy ships telling you where everything is.

This really needs to be looked at as well. This, along with autoaim makes a gunnery duel more "hit me here" and feel like im using modern HUDs than a real WW2 naval
gunfight. Not only this but it also wrecks the look of the battles with the big white words getting in your way. And i personlly think one of the worst parts of this is that it no longer takes any drop of skill to target an area like engines or the magazine like it did before. You dont even have to know a thing about ships and you can get a perfect shot the first time, every time. Overall, this just takes away from the game rather than adds to it in any way.

Forth: Autoreload on aircraft.

Now, before i begin on this point, yes i know you can at least turn it off an on in MP, but it needs to extend to the SP missions as well. I have no idea why they added this, it the most gamey feature of BSP next to the autorepair. In the first game, using your airwing correctly took some time, but at least it worked. Aircraft, after having dropped their payloads, return at best speed back to the carrier or airbase, lowering the number of lost aircraft you would take in a strike. Now, when playing with autoreload on, aircraft will simply fly around in a big circle waiting for their payload to magicly respawn, then will try to attack again. That would be fine, like on some missions where there is no real AA fire, but when your attacking enemy ships, all this does it cause you to lose every single one of your strike aircraft, they dont even try to avoid it. Yes, i know you can do it manually but often by time is this done, they are all lost anyways. Which brings me to the next point.

Fifth: The complete lowering in the effectiveness of aircraft of all types, along with the shift in gameplay from carriers and "realistic" ww2 pacific naval combat to to the all big gun battleship combat of BSP, both in single player and multi-player, which has very little to do with the true history.

After replaying BSM, i am reminded on just how much more effective aircraft are in the first game. You can strike at single ships ( DDs, CLs, CAs, even CVLs and BBs ) without a loss of any of your aircraft, at least minor losses. Even attacking groups, you can get by with light losses if you take down defending fighters first. Overall, the AA fire is on par with what it was in 1942. Your aircraft can actully hit a target and return intact. Yes, this changes with diffculty a bit from regular to veteran, but in BSP the level of AA fire on regular is the level of what is was on veteran in BSM. Its just crazy. You will lose entire strikes of aircraft to one BB and a few DDs,even without aircover. BSP does not show at all just how open to air attack fleet ships are, and in the single player missions, its just completely out of place, not in all but most. Overall, BSP moves away from using the carriers like
in history to having you fast battleships run all over the map destorying bases and sinking carriers while aircraft are mostly helpless to stop them with the autorepair. Also, why in most missions are the enemy aircraft carriers spawned all of 2 to 3 miles away from you fleet? They dont even stand a chance, and is completely unrealistic. The overfocus on the BB for killing carriers rather than their more historicaly correct role as carrier escorts for the most part. BSP does however, show the role of naval bombardment in the island capturing well at least.

Six: Multi-player missions and gamemodes.

This has got to be one of the biggest disapointments of all. BSP completely lacks a mission-based multi-player mode directly like BSM had. Although they were set piece
battles, the gave the feeling of a real naval engagment with limited units and time. Lacking this feature, island capture is supposted to take its place, however, it does not. All you have in island after is mini-jutland battles where everything is won by spamming the heaviest units onto the field (CAs, BBs) in a never ending pile until someone wins. No tactics,
no skill, not real, and not fun. There are small moments where a battle could be interesting with the upgradable units but even that will become more of the same. Duel is interesting enough to have in, but siege could have been something very realisic and challanging. Again, more unit spamming until one side runs out of points. At least siege has points. The instant spawn and complete lack of limited unit numbers makes it easier to lose a unit to get a new one than try to save it, in fact, you must. If you at least had a limited number of units based on the map and other options island capture would be tactial. The way it is now is completely broken, there isnt even a spawn delay on new units
so even if you are about to take a base a new BB can just poof land right in front of you right after you sunk the old one. Also, the lack of an attack/defence setting leaves both sides running around in attempts to capture bases, rather than one attacking and the other having to focus on defence.

Seven: Ship loadouts and AI.

Last on my list is ship loadouts and AI. Overall, its ok, but ship loadouts should not go too far over what they were in history. The B class submarine having 10 aircraft when it should have 1 or 2 isnt adding anything, the same with the CAs and BBs. CVLs should have less airwings than the larger CVs, ( i think they do by aircraft numbers, but not in launch numbers, 4 and 4, same as normal, but im not sure so if someone can check on that ). But one of the biggest things is how AI has in fact gone down. You used to be able to control the launch of torpedos from your AI ships, but now you cannot, but an even larger problem is the fact that getting them to fire them at all is even harder. Ive had a few missions be messed up or in a few cases down right lost because of my DDs refusing to fire torps even at less than 0.5 of a mile. In BSM, they could be counted on to let lose a wave of torpedos at the right moment to swing the battle in your favor, now, unless you do it yourself your risking alot because they lack the skill to do it. Also, has anyone else noticed DDs going after submarines in stern first instead of turning around and actually sinking them.


All in all BSP isnt bad, but it has glaring flaws that prevent it from becoming the true battlestations 2. The visuals are good, and the single player missions are well thought of in a historial sence and are compleling, including major historial evens such as operation Ten-Go. ( last US mission ) However, like said before, they also fall into the trap of make it more Battleships and more gunbattles than historical or realisic in many cases. Multi-player has lost what made it great in BSM, and although the ideas are great, they need to
refined and patched alot before being complete. If even half of some of the things ive listed can be patched BSP will be much better, but as it stands now, it will not replace BSM in my mind any time soon.

8th Jun 2009, 21:13
>> Although ive found BSM singleplayer to be better all around im reminded of what things have been fixed in BSP. Eidos has done a much better job of ships speed and motion in BSP than in BSM. Large capital ships can no longer turn change speed and direction near as fast as in BSM, making the use of torpedos much better as they will not be able to avoid them all. Also, the damage repair in BSP is better due to the fact that ships seem to be able to take less damage overall, which is much better, and you can only fix one thing at a time. Take out autorepair and the system would be perfect, or at least an option to turn it off.