View Full Version : Request for a new render, please

3rd Jun 2009, 16:35
I was thinking that it would be awesome if we all got a new Lara Croft render.
Those renders from Underworld are so cool, but there are not many of them.
I guess that it will be quite a long time till the next game release, so it would be nice if we got a small gift from Eidos in the form of Underworld Lara render.
What do you guys think about it? Are there any chances?

3rd Jun 2009, 18:06
Yes, I'd certainly like a render!

3rd Jun 2009, 19:10
Probably nothing till the next game. :(

Fanmade XNA stuff will have to do in the mean time. :)

Max 28
3rd Jun 2009, 21:22
There should be an XNA Lara poster competition.:D

3rd Jun 2009, 22:29
There should be an XNA Lara poster competition.:D

Actually, that is a very good idea! :D:thumb:

Max 28
4th Jun 2009, 01:47
But it would have to be official... can we request one from the mods or :keir:?