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3rd Jun 2009, 05:29
You can select multiple options, but try to only select a max of 4 or 5 options, based on size and difficulty of the task

Hypothetical situation:

Thief 4's single player experience is finished:

AI: Upgraded
Graphics: improved, textures and atmosphere remain as dark and dank as the first games, just a prettier dark and dank.
Gameplay: Tested and perfected through fan input, all glitches removed or fixed.
Plot: Engrossing, immersive, intriguing with a few twists and turns, and not contrary to the spirit of thief.

What extras are most important to you? (Remember, these are OUTSIDE the single player experience in thief 4, will be included with the normal version of the game (not just the collectors edition) and are in no particular order)

Multiplayer Guards Vs. Thieves: Simple, guards attempt to thwart the thieves, Guards are also played by players

Multiplayer Thieves: Like guards vs thieves, except all guards are NPCs (so the game tests thieving skills, and plays like the normal game)

Game is Co-Op: Missions in game are also set up to be co-op

Co-Op missions Separate: Co-Op missions, but they are separate from the main game (maybe following a different but parallel story arch)

Achievement System: Achievements such as Ghost (don't get spotted once in a mission), Mister sandman (knockout 15 or more people in a single mission), and various others. Since this game will probably end up on Xbox 360, it will have achievements.

Downloadable missions: DLC extra missions for the game.

Thief 2 Gold: Make/finish the extra levels and allow them to be installed as a patch to TMA, or playable on a separate disk, make patches that fix glitches on current missions.

Level creator/Editor: Self explanitory

Blooper mission: TDP had a "blooper mission" that had alot of fun and cool stuff in it, like concept enemies, untextured enemies, funny glitches, creation notes, etc.

Other: Suggest your own Add-on that you think would be great for Thief 4

Please post after voting ^_^

3rd Jun 2009, 08:31
The editor please. With it all the rest can be done.

3rd Jun 2009, 08:55
Damn, there's at least 3 choices there I'd kill for. Downloadable missions. Thief 2 Gold oh my god. And of course the level editor.

But I guess kin is right, with the level editor, those other two would be doable anyway.

3rd Jun 2009, 09:05
level editor

3rd Jun 2009, 09:49
Other: After you've finished the game you press New Game and there's a new tab called Missions. It would take you to a mission selection screen with options about every detail in the mission, so you can make your favorite missions even more suited to you, or just goof around. You could add bonus objectives or time limits, loot objectives or enemy interaction restrictions.

3rd Jun 2009, 10:56
Thief 2 Gold - Make/finish Gold levels and patch glitches for TMA
Level Editor/Creator
Blooper Mission
+ Other: all kinds of behind the scenes stuff if there's no Collector's Edition or it's not included.

Achievements and Downloadable Missions would be okay but only if they are free on the PC.

And no MP or co-op!

3rd Jun 2009, 11:23
Assuming all the important stuff is done, I wouldn't mind multiplayer. Really though, multiplayer itself would probably be a lot of work. If I have to pick between having decent multiplayer and/or anything else OR just a really cool editor. I pick the editor. Of course, if this is magic land and we can pick multiple extras I'll pick both, hell I'll pick everything.

Really this is a hard question because I will assume we get an editor anyway, and so my initial reaction would be to just spend their extra time making extra missions or mini campaigns with their own little storylines. Could be unlocked after beating the game or just be like a whole bunch of side missions you can play in between the main story missions. I'd pick that and an editor over anything else.

I don't feel right saying for them to just ditch multiplayer because it can be fun. But given the choice I'd rather just have more to do in singleplayer.

EDIT oh ****. I forget myself, RANDOM GUARDS AND LOOT. bam, highly replayable levels.

3rd Jun 2009, 18:27
you can check off multiple boxes as I said in the post, and also this for stuff that's NOT involving the single player game, just things that are outside of it.

3rd Jun 2009, 18:47
I voted for downloadable missions and the level editor. :)

4th Jun 2009, 05:32
I just got 58 knockouts in life of the party (:D :D :D :D :D :D) that number makes me so happy :D

4th Jun 2009, 05:48
To explain "Other", a "Making of..." video, with footage of the voice actors doing their thing, artists, and sound designers, rejected materials, design documents--a time capsule of material for posterity!

Even if the game were to suck, I still like the behind-the-scenes stuff a great deal.

That's more something I'd think would be in a collectors edition for us enthusiasts...

4th Jun 2009, 15:33
I'm afraid of DLC. There's a tendency nowadays to deliverately shorten the released content in games to charge an extra fee as DLC. So no DLC, at least not until the game is well shipped and has been in the market for a while.

I'd love an achievement system; one you could switch off so it doesn't take you out of the atmosphere if you don't want to, but would add some interesting replay value for the second run.

The Mental Age
4th Jun 2009, 16:26
Multiplayer would be awesome - either guards v. thieves or thieves v. thieves. The only problem is that with guards v. thieves, there's going to be people who just run out and start tanking, which, although fun, kind of defeats the purpose of being a thief. Thieves v. thieves would work nice, though. The one with the most goodies wins. It would also be fun leaving a piece of loot laying around, then booby-trapping it so that the next person to try and take it gets blown up by a mine or something. :whistle:

Co-op... dunno. As much as I want to say YES GO FOR IT, I can't really see Garrett teaming up with anyone. I know there was that alliance in TMA, but Garrett really did all of the work. On his own. As usual.

Level editors would be nice. Very nice.

4th Jun 2009, 18:48
haha you took my idea on multiplayer guards vs thiefs and thiefs match thiefs coop
hahaha i knew people would liked it!!!!

4th Jun 2009, 19:31
I actually had a post where I explained why thieves vs guards was a bad idea... it's like teaching a kid to use a yo yo, then telling him he's competing with other kids but he has to use devil sticks instead. They trained as thieves, putting players in a situation where they are supposed to not be stealthy, and supposed to fight, is contrary to the experience of the normal game and not a good idea.

5th Jun 2009, 07:24
Ah bunny-hopping Garretts all over the place. I can see it now.

Garrett: LOLZ u got pwnd! I'll taek that loot!!1

5th Jun 2009, 09:24
Nah, none of em would be garretts considering he isn't exactly the team type. Though it could be interesting to play against a computer controlled garrett...

5th Jun 2009, 18:13
Achievements serve as motivation for gamers to try and increase their skills or try new things (if done properly). Yeah there's alot of crap achievements that require some tedious task or button combination or logging X hours of time. But if achievements are done correctly they can improve someone's gaming experience. :P

5th Jun 2009, 18:24
You can't just go into a finished single-player game and bolt on multiplayer. IT DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY.

5th Jun 2009, 19:51
You can't just go into a finished single-player game and bolt on multiplayer. IT DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY.

Dude, chill, I'm not stupid... that's why it's HYPOTHETICAL. The single player is the most important part of thief. Assuming it's perfected, I wanted to see what else other people would want them to do as peripherals to the game itself.

And really whether or not they could "bolt" it on depends on if they wanted just a game of thieves competing to see who is best, or if they wanted guards vs thieves. Guards vs thieves couldn't be tacked on, because there'd be fundamental differences between it and the single player game. If it was just people being theives, they'd need to design a scoring system, the capacity for multiple people on one map, and design maps/use already made ones with randomized loot maps and guard patrols. It would be alot simpler.

5th Jun 2009, 19:57
And really whether or not they could "bolt" it on depends on if they wanted just a game of thieves competing to see who is best, or if they wanted guards vs thieves.
No, it depends on whether the game was fundamentally engineered to support multiplayer at all. Programming a stable multiplayer game is hard, and if you don't build in support for it from the ground up, you're going to expend almost as much effort making it work as it would to redevelop the game from scratch.

But hey, as long as these choices are just "hypothetical" and not remotely realistic, where's the "A million dollars in each box" choice?

5th Jun 2009, 20:02
I voted editor (bit of a no brainer there), Coop (there is a thread about this already so I won't be preaching about it here), and Thief II Gold.

Thief II Gold.

Let me just state that again... Thief II Gold. If Thief 4 included Thief II Gold, I would buy it simply because of the fact that it includes Thief II Gold, regardless of what the actual game was like!

6th Jun 2009, 01:37
COOP RULES IN ANY GAME! That's why I chose it! :D

7th Jun 2009, 01:38
What coop choice did you make?

6th Jul 2009, 10:59
a multiplayer and level creator would be the BEST!

7th Jul 2009, 00:17
This is a no-brainer. Fan missions are one of the main reasons of this franchise being kept alive after nearly 10 years. So of course a level editor is a must have bonus to be included with the game.

7th Jul 2009, 00:24
well all I can say is it's obvious what the favorites are, with two must haves, and 3 would be nices.

7th Jul 2009, 00:58
I'd quiet like a little 30 min or so something about the history of the city or the history of garret or something that would further enrich the already vibrant world of thief, voiced by Stephen Russel. Kinda in the style of TMA briefings. Just a thought.

7th Jul 2009, 01:04
One giant briefing on the city and it's history by Garrett. :D I'd enjoy that too.

7th Jul 2009, 01:10
A level editor is a definite must have. :) I'm iffy on co-op, but it would be fun to try out at least. One extra I would love to have would be a DVD with animated shorts featuring short scenes from the Thief universe. Probably a bit too much, but it would be awesome.

Lady Rowena
7th Jul 2009, 01:36
1- An editor
2- An editor
3- An editor
4- Thief 2 Gold and and patches/fixes to be able to play the first two games on modern computers.

11th Aug 2009, 10:37
yep, 75% of people wanted the editor

11th Aug 2009, 16:08
Multiplayer guards VS. Thieves, you just cannot imagine how fine can it be...

12th Aug 2009, 08:00
Multiplayer guards VS. Thieves, you just cannot imagine how fine can it be...

I can't imagine how FUBAR it would be. :hmm:

12th Aug 2009, 10:32
Multiplayer guards VS. Thieves, you just cannot imagine how fine can it be...you mean like the hair trigger reaction fuelled fragfest featured here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INtD4ic_ibg which I believe shows some particularly fine examples

if thats what you want then fine, just don't force it on me

1st Sep 2009, 03:23
no frag fest for thief... if multiplayer is used it really needs to be focused on the thieflyness, and not the fragfestiness.

1st Sep 2009, 11:37
I like the idea of finishing Thief 2 Gold. I am obviously a big fan of co-op multiplayer as well (which if implemented well by either the developers or the community could be very succesful). What this poll does seem to highlight is that the editor must take precendence following release. From the opinion on this forum, I would aimagine that this is pretty much guarenteed.

1st Sep 2009, 13:51
i want to make levels, and if there was a hub through which you could publish and download FM's made by this editor, id want that too.

but first and formost, let the player take the reins for themself, the fanbase has really creative people