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2nd Jun 2009, 21:38
Just Cause could have been this too. The best sandbox game ever made, even above GTA. It had amazing graphics above anything SA could put out, and the island was just so massive. The only problems were the physics. Cars sucked. Planes sucked. The only things that didn't suck were the choppers (but that's pushing it) and the boats. Even then there's room for improvement. That's not to say it's not fun driving any of these things, but the physics were awful. Hit a tree, and you stop dead. No damage in most cases, and no crashing noise. You skidded all over the place. In planes, you could fly full-on vertically without stalling or even losing power. Another problem with Just Cause was the disappearing vehicles/people. You kill/blow up a person/vehicle, they disappeared almost instantly. On a side note, the lack of Havok physics was disappointing, seeing as how they were used in pretty much every game then (and definitely still now).

Just Cause 2 has so much potential to fix these problems. Don't let me down Eidos, and this time, if there's bugs, MAKE PATCHES FOR ALL PLATFORMS, PS3 included. Listen to your fans; they bring you the money. Make DLC for ALL PLATFORMS. This could include new vehicles, new missions, new weapons, new mini-games, anything at all. Don't make them massive downloads (eg. 1GB for a car). Make the DLC free. Don't put SecuROM ***** on your PC version. Take a leaf out of GTA's driving/boating/flying book, and don't be afraid to use other games as inspiration for how things should be done. GTA set the benchmark that became famous and extremely popular. Follow it, and everyone will love it too.

Do it right, Eidos, and you will have the game of the decade on your hands. You have a year and a half until 2010. Don't screw this up now.

4th Jun 2009, 17:39
I like GTA SA for the cheats to be honest, i appreciate just cause, simply because its awesome and the graphics are stunning, and no the first JC was awesome aswell, the planes ruled, and some of the cars were cool.
Glitchy at times it may have been i enjoyed every second of it.

1st Nov 2009, 11:25
Flavour of JC is the best ever saw, GTA SA was really great too, but GTA 4 was still bad.
Hope that JC 3 will be developed! ^^ After a perfect release of JC 2.

Me and a friend will found a gaming community for JC 2 or a Fanpage, we´ll see what we´ll do.

1st Nov 2009, 22:38
I totally agree with Helegad and second his post. I have to admit JC2 is shaping up pretty impressively, but I still cant make sense of some of the choices being made.

Some of these choices are not improving on JC1, (like rockets speed, sound and blast were better in JC1)and others are completely unnecessary,(like objects flashing red).

Make the right choices, fix whats broken and dont change what was good and this will be the greatest game ever.

2nd Nov 2009, 01:24
Bino's would be nice. So you could plan attack from above. For the emerson effect. But likely not in.

2nd Nov 2009, 01:38
You have a year and a half until 2010. Don't screw this up now.

You sure?

2nd Nov 2009, 21:16
You sure?

Haha, we didn't realize that, lol

3rd Nov 2009, 09:45
You have a year and a half until 2010. Don't screw this up now.

Your forgetting about the other 13 months of this year.

3rd Nov 2009, 21:41
but its not a leap year so we subtract 2 months from those 13 leavig us wit 11 extra months of this year, its in the geneva convention.

3rd Nov 2009, 23:53
:lol: I can't believe it

4th Nov 2009, 00:28
u cant believe how genius i am right?