View Full Version : Still a problem in BSP?

1st Jun 2009, 16:42
Ok, so I had this problem when I first bought Battlestations Midway (PC) where I was not given the option to create a new profile at the games root menu. The only option it would give me is "Continue Without Save." After a frustrating bout with Eidos tech support trying to feed me a load of crap about it being a driver problem I figured out it was with where I had redirected my "Documents" folder within Windows Vista.

I keep all of my documents, game info, etc. on a seperate hard drive and I redirect Vista's c:\Users\%Username%\Documents to that drive so all my programs automatically save my information there. Not Battlestations Midway!!! It will not use anything other than the default location.

I was excited about Battlestations Pacific coming out, not only for the improved graphics and gameplay, but thinking maybe they would fix that issue. Sadly I was wrong :-( The root menu in BSP won't even come up if you have your "Documents" folder redirected. Direct it back to the default location and it works perfectly.