View Full Version : Looook! Lara in sims 2!

Lara is awesome
1st Jun 2009, 12:10
I think this looks like Lara quite a bit. Any other simmers will know that it is quite hard to get a sim to look like some one.
This one is good to! I mean, just look at her evening dress with her guns!
Lol This one is good to!
This one is just amazing!
I would have ago at making a Lara myself, but E.A are not paying to much attention to their exchange, because of sims 3. I will make a sims 3 Lara though, but not until Sims 3 Comes out.

1st Jun 2009, 16:27
Um.. IT IS. haha.someone has made that XD it doesnt seem to impress me though because ive seen that mod somewhere on youtube.

Lara is awesome
1st Jun 2009, 16:35
Do not insult the awesomeness of sims 2.:eek:********

1st Jun 2009, 18:18
the third one is amazing!

1st Jun 2009, 18:31
I love the Underworld one!!! Pretty :D

1st Jun 2009, 22:36
i love them all

1st Jun 2009, 23:30
Me too! I plan to get the Sims 3--maybe I'll try to make Lara too! :D

Cheese is nice.
2nd Jun 2009, 05:19
All but the last one are hideous excuses for Lara sims. Though the dress in the other one was good, none of them but the last one looked like Lara.

John Akam
2nd Jun 2009, 10:32
I have 3 different Laras in my neighbourhood, it got my 5-years-old-very-good-at-playing-tomb-raider-legend nephew confused! :lol:

Max 28
2nd Jun 2009, 21:10
Yay The Sims! Woot, woot!:D :gamer: :keir:


Yeah it is very hard to make a Sims Lara. But her face looks too thin in all those.

2nd Jun 2009, 21:16
omg I love Sims!!!
Can't wait to get Sims 3, just came out today!!!
I tried making a Lara sim before...but I really have no idea how to get the mods into the game yet, I really have no experience with that certain subject, so it doesn't look much like her at all, because I had to use all the crappy default stuff. lol
A couple of months ago I found this other site that has extremely high quality Tomb Raider Sims, and I think they're the best I've seen! >>> http://www.crystalgecko.co.uk/thesimssimstr.htm

2nd Jun 2009, 21:51
Funny! :D

2nd Jun 2009, 23:37
A couple of months ago I found this other site that has extremely high quality Tomb Raider Sims, and I think they're the best I've seen! >>> http://www.crystalgecko.co.uk/thesimssimstr.htm

Wow. Incredible likeness on some of them. I am blown away and amazed. The Lara one isn't perfect but some of the ones lower down on the page. Well they are almost total likeness

3rd Jun 2009, 01:49
With the Sims3 it will probably be much easier to get it looking like Lara.
I just got it today, but I can't play it until I finish my exams :(

Max 28
3rd Jun 2009, 01:52
Ah well RaiderGirl, tell us what it is like when you do please!:D I wonder whch of the features form the Sims 2 expansion packs they have included in the core game like cars etc?

Lara is awesome
3rd Jun 2009, 19:57
Lol, I didn't know how many Tomb raiding Simmers there were out there! I downloaded the last one, and my game is filled with Laras. I love seeing her walk past my sims house, especially when she is wearing her shorts! It is sooooo funny:lmao::lmao::lmao::lmao::lmao:. P.S My sims 3 community name is Lehdkat. Be my friend!!!
P.s.s That other website is good, but Allister and Lara are kinda creepy. really. Janice from AoD Was kinda random

4th Jun 2009, 01:06
Haha yes, I love the Sims. I stopped playing Sims2 after I heard about Sims3 though.

@ Lara is awesome So, did you get the sims 3? (I'm sorry...I didn't really understand your last post) Because if you did, I'd love to see the Lara you create!

I'm going to play the Sims3 tomorrow after my last exam and I will try to make Lara after making several other characters.

@ Max28 Interested in seeing anything in particular? I can make sure to take pix! ;)

Max 28
4th Jun 2009, 01:40
^^^ Not particularily, just say your favourite things.:D

It is kinda annoying though, me and my sister have spent our money on the Sims 2 plus 8 expansion packs and now there is Sims 3.:rolleyes: :p

4th Jun 2009, 10:27
Yeah, I had bought several myself and was a little disappointed. That's why I stopped playing Sims 2.

Alright, I will try and make a Lara sim today...
Here's actually a site I go to a lot--there's lots of pictures there if you're interested: http://snootysims.com/thesims3index.php?id=thesims3

Lara is awesome
4th Jun 2009, 16:16
I don't have sims3 yet. I live in the Uk. But i will tommorow :lol::lol: What is CAS like in sims3?

4th Jun 2009, 17:13
Oh I'm sorry.
I will let you know as soon as I've played it. It's installing as I type. I will try to reply back once I've made Lara! :D

EDIT: Here is the Lara I've made...looking at it now I realize it's not that good. I didn't get to spend much time on it. I might try again a little later.

About the game: CAS is nice, I like the dragging tools better and the coloring tool is really neat.There doesn't really seem to be that many choices...but EA is doing this thing so you have to buy stuff off their site and that kind of stuff. I haven't actually tried playing yet, but I'll try to update when I do! :)