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31st May 2009, 21:30
Hi. Just did a format, and decided to install Commados 2 MOC. The problem is the intro video (of the ww2 history) doesnt come on. It just skips to the main menu. Then before and after each mission, the same thing happens. Im on vista, and I have tried to run in XP mode but then the game itself wont load.My brother has it installed on his XP system and it works a treat. Any solutions would be much appreciated.

Feel free to email me at jamieledgeway@hotmail.co.uk as i may not be on here to check.


1st Jun 2009, 07:47
hi there
i guess you need the intel "indeo" codec to be able to playback c2 movies, which must have been removed via format.

1st Jun 2009, 10:16
thanks a lot Andrew. got it sorted after a bit of fiddling with the command prompt. it actually feels like im playing the proper game now.