View Full Version : Ideal Objects for an underwater level?

31st May 2009, 19:17
Hi guys, I'm making an underwater level and I got Lara's Underworld Wetsuit into the wad, medipacks, binoculars, some secrets, objects, anniversary weapons and NG animations, what else could I add to the wad to help make it more of an underwater level, where Lara finds some Ruins and a secret temple.

Thanks guys.

31st Jul 2009, 16:28
Sounds like it is a sunken temple? Some boat tying posts would be cool, as well as other things that we usually only see on the surface, now mystically submerged.

Check out this pier (http://www.trsearch.org/Items/1151) I found on trsearch.


4th Aug 2009, 09:39
Another way to find out what else would fit in the wad is to start building. Eventually you'll come up with new ideas while building and developing a level.
Remember that a wad does not have to be finished when you start buildign the level.
Objects can be added later on if needed. :D