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20th Feb 2014, 04:59
(Sorry if my English sound sbad sometimes, not my first language :) ).

Blizzard have their own novels sagas for their three franchises. Assassin's Creed have it's own books too. And this is also true for Gears of Wars, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Metal Gear, Resistance, Halo, Silent Hill, Tomb Raider, the Elder Scrolls... The list continues. So why not Legacy of Kain?

The world of Nosgoth is rich and vast, full of mysteries with so many things to discover in past, present and future. I don't know how many times I dreamed of reading a novel of LoK only to extend my knowledge and for pleasure.

How about you guys? Have you ever thought of Moebius's story? His birth and youth, his formation as the Time Guardian, his friendship and alliance with Mortanius, his encounter(s) with the Elder God and the plan that will be set in motion to destroy every vampires in Nosgoth, beginning with the Ancients.

Or perhaps the last days of the war between the Hylden and the Ancients? Or Nosgoth's conquest by Kain and his sons that will lead to the discovery of the Chronoplast chamber and the events that will generate from that moment. Or maybe a novel on Vorador's path or the Sarafan's crusade. There's so many subjects in the lore that can be extended to another level! I know it would be a lot and hard work to respect the integrity of the lore, but I think it's worth it :)

How about you guys? The devs are welcome to answer too :)

20th Feb 2014, 09:58
Those might be worth quite a bit but you'd need to determine what your audience was before you attempted that. No LoK novel ought be child friendly for example.

24th Feb 2014, 14:33
I agree with CountEyokir about not 'dumbing-down' the content to kiddie-level as LOK doesn't lend itself to such a limitation, but I think the biggest problem with a novel is finding the right writer to do the series justice - as it's no good having the best writer in the business if they know next to nothing about the source material (in which they're guaranteed to take HUGE libraties to the displeasure of fans world-wide!)
-[this topic was mentioned on the Eidos Forum some time ago about a novel series and a comic/graphic novel cover aswell ;P ]-

25th Feb 2014, 02:46
That's something I've always wanted to see, but, as was stated before, they'd need the right author. Though what they could do is have the writer for the games also do some novels to fill in blanks. It would still be someone that knew the series, the feel of Nosgoth and the characters.

This is something that's been done before. Then the main issue would be finding a publisher and advertising. I'm sure they'd have editors all ready.

25th Feb 2014, 14:08
I'd love to read some material from the POV of the vampires that were killed in the purge and persecuted ruthlessly and I (formerly) wanted to see a novel or two written about what happened between Raziels' execution and his emergence from the abyss but that game is intent on covering that so I'm not going to sweat it.