View Full Version : thief 3 rerun 2009

30th May 2009, 20:12
I've been playing through thief 3 again, been running it on a 4 core system in sli so there's no game lag, and its more irratating to play now, than it was when it was released, level transitions seem to be the biggest problem.
In level transitions you go though stealthed and crouched, you end up in the other level in bright light and more than often in front of a guard whos looking directly at you, its like who ever put the start position for the player to start in when ever changing levels had absolutely no idea about stealth, even though there are plenty of shadowy area's around the gates between levels, the start point had to be directly in front of the big gate and under the light hanging from the ceiling of the gate of the gate, even though going through the side passage in the gate, you dont end up in that side passage in the level transision.

Another bug that is more noticeable now is gaps in the walls in missions, through which can be seen the void beyond the walls of the level, there are a very large amount of them, it kind of breaks the reality of the level, distroying the immursion factor.

A realy irratating bug is garretts body, the 3d model gets stuck in uneven floors, cant climb stairs when crouched, in the 2nd part of the cradle there's a lumpy grated floor in front of the hall of records window, garrett's body gets stuck on that when crouched, and goes into full light and noisey floors if stands to get over that, and if you are in the past part of that it makes the nurse at the window run to kill you.

The climbing gloves cause a whole load of problems, garrett seams to be stuck to the wall like glue, its near impossible to get off when you want, and apart from a few locations have really no use at all.

Currently in the museum, haven't seen the respawning guards yet, although you do get respawning guards in the city streets, on a side mission you have to carry a corpse from a hotel to the docks and drop it in the water without being seen, so I cleared the streets of guards around the hotel and the gate to the docks, went to the hotel to pick up the body, back out on to the streets and they are full of guards wandering around again on very high alert, who saw me even thou I was standing in shadows and en-mass killed me on the spot. I tryed moving the corpse and placing it in shadows and then removing a guard, then going back to retrieve the corpse, on two occasions the corpse had despawned and reappeared in the hotel, and on another occation the guard I thumped, was straight away replaced with a spawned guard in exactly the same spot who when spawned was facing me and killed me on the spot.

The keeper enforcers completely distroy the game, they run around and kill everything they come across, when you get into the keeper compound after this event, how come there's no where for the enforcers to have been trained, if they were kept at the keeper compound, where were they kept.

Another thing thats problematic are maps, in the first two game we were treated to automaps that could keep track of where you generally were in the game, in thief 3 this doesn't exist, plus in thief 3 some of the maps dont even look like the levels you are in, the museum map is impossible to follow, doesn't look like the floor plan one bit, if the museum is open to the public durring the day then a floor map of this would be easier to make than the floor plan for buildings that are not ever open to the public yet the in game maps seem to be the total opposite.

even with a better graphics card you can still see the sky through holes at the top of the curved ceilings in the second half of the museum, finished the museum, knocked out most of the guards, no guards spawned during the run through.

so got all the artifacts and the killing garmal mission sequence kicks it as soon as leaving the museum.

Oil used against Garmal in city map with museum in it, put oil on slope near where you use the heart, use noise arrow to pull garmal monster up slope, when garmal comes back down the slope to her wait position, she slips in the oil and dies. Game over Garmal's dead. Well she falls over you can jump on her, hit her, shoot her with arrows, no reaction so she's dead. Game doesn't end.

Oil used against Garmal in docks, used oil at end of pier where you put the paw, Garmal slides off end of pier and drowns.

Stonemarket proper, due to the rate that guards and hammerites respawn in this area, wasn't able to kill garmal on the steps where the blackmarket shops are. It was a full on pitch battle between hammerites and stone statues, and guards and garmal. Got attacked here by that woman who's going to rob the hammerite place with her mate with the ex-map, they should have been removed from the level after Garrett robs the place, as there's nothing left for them they should have left to try somewhere else, or locked away in craigscleft, they're very loudly talking about robbing the hammerite place, a guard patrols very close to them, he's either deaf or stupid or both, they're there every night for 8 nights straight, but the guards dont seem interested in them.