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19th Feb 2014, 23:55
With the upcoming closed beta I was wanting to compile a list of guides, something with class basics that will help out the newer beta players. I'm not insane though, so I need some help. Who wants to make one? Sometime this week would be nice so when the Beta is announced I can upload them to the forums and have them ready (Can't share them until after the NDA is lifted.) I'm not looking for anything super in depth. Just basics on the class, skill/abilities, weapons/special attacks, and a couple basic strategies on how to use them. (Players requested in parenthesis, this doesn't mean only them. It's just a good player with that class who I know about.)

Any volunteers either let me know, or reply here, I'll edit this post:


Strike - completed
lucinvampire- completed


Ohmz - completed
Hugbringer (Gameplay)and Sausage (Basics and Skills/abilities Comparison). - completed
Hugbringer and I have finished ours. Here's the guide for an example: I'd recommend using a format similar to this, for organization's sake. The others will be posted once everyone has completed their section, and Closed Beta Starts. Massive props to Hugbringer for his awesome tips/strategies.

The sentinel is arguably the strongest class if used properly, the issue is that it’s easily the most punishable. They have the best map visibility, most mobility, and can easily isolate a human. The downside is that you stick out like a sore-thumb if you don’t play effectively. This class if known for having the highest learning curve of the vampires. The tradeoff being the massive rush you get from snagged a person from a doorway and out the window before the humans can even react. Don’t expect to lead the board for your team in K/D/A with this class, it’s not likely to happen and that’s not your role.
Suggested Perks: Cooldown, Bloodthirsty, or Acrobat

FLYING: Flying is an ability unique to the sentinel class of vampires. While airborne, press the space bar to deploy your wings. You do not have to jump. Anytime you fall you can fly, with the exception of falling while climbing. Touching the ground will automatically cancel flight, alternatively, pressing the space bar again will cancel it as well.

Base Special attacks

Kidnap: This is the default special attack for sentinels. Activating this will give a slight speed burst for about 1 second. Any human you fly into at that point will be picked up off the ground. You will maintain holding them until you are either shot out of the sky or 4 seconds (whichever is first.) After 4 seconds you drop the player. The higher you fly the more damage they take when they fall.

Abduct: Abduct is the “sidegrade” for Kidnap in a sentinel’s arsenal. The trade-off is that you carry for less time (thus lowering drop damage) while harming them while being carried. Abduct is typically more consistent, typically around 500+ damage, but kidnap can have damages for about 600+ if it’s done right.

Note about kidnap and abduct: Often, newer players find their skill getting “cancelled” and them landing on the ground. This is because of the post-activation damage threshold. After activating the skill you can only take up to 205 damage before having flight cancelled, and thus landing right in the middle of all the enemies. DO NOT use this skill if you think you have a good chance of being shot.

Primary Abilities

Wing Flap: This is the default, and typically more-favored, primary ability for a sentinel. This causes 300 damage to players in a 180 degree radius. The real benefit of this ability is that it causes a stun and knockback for all enemies caught in the skill too. It’s typically a perfect set-up for a charged melee strike of another 400 damage. The major flaw with this attack is that many players spam it, thus knocking enemy players out of friendly combos.

Puncture: Puncture is the other choice instead of Wing Flap. This attack is a little harder to use as it has a higher activation time and is a little harder to aim, but can be targeted while activating (in case you need to change directions). It’s a very consistent 450 damage and only has a 10 second cool down time. It also tends to synergize well with teammate attacks.

Secondary Abilities

Divebomb: This is the default attack for the sentinel’s secondary slot. It’s insanely strong and easy to aim. Activate this ability during flight. You will spin while diving, immune to all stuns except the war bow, dealing 250 damage to all enemies near the impact radius. While most players like to lead with this, it’s much better as a finishing skill. This skill loves double kills.
Echolocation: This ability allows you to see through walls around the entire map. Any enemies hidden via cover, buildings, stealth, or in smoke are visible to the player using this. It’s great for finding solo players, but without a second damage dealing skill, it’s kind of lackluster in all honestly. But, it looks cool as crap and style means a lot. Some members of the development team have expressed a lot of praise for this skill, although the community, so far, doesn’t find it worth giving up the options that you would get from Divebomb or Take-off.
Take-off: If there is any skill that signifies the abilities of a specific player’s role on a team Take-off is that ability. First and foremost, Take-off is your ONLY defensive skill. It will break any stuns/control skills enemies used and send you flying into the air, dealing 175 damage to all players in your immediate vicinity. There’s one major flaw with this skill though. You go ALL the way up to the top of the map. Using this at the wrong time will leave you as a seagull in the sky saying “I’m right here, shoot me!”

General Tactics:

Be Aware: You tend to be the first target that takes heat from the enemy as you are the most obvious target in the air. Your wing flaps and diving are also very audible and you will be tracked in flight by sound alone. Always listen and be aware of where sounds are coming from and don't be afraid to 'Not Fly' as foot-falls don't carry as far as wing flaps. It is also useful (and risky for you the Sentinel) for your team as it'll let them know where the enemy is just by their attempts to shoot at you. So many of the abilities that you use create so much noise that you need to be aware of it to maintain any element of surprise. Re-spawning humans are your worst nightmare as many Scouts are more than happy to shoot you while you are circling your prey.

Utilize Cover: Being the glorious death dealer from above, that you are, when the location of the enemy is known take advantage of the terrain to keep it between you and them till the last possible moment. Its a fine line between staying low and soaring above and what tactic is right at which time. If the enemy is engaged, go up and prepare for fast dive to rejoin the fight quickly. If NO fighting is going on, stay low and 'feel' out where the enemy is before making a decision. An easy thing to remember is If you can see them, they can likely see you (and shoot you) too. Don't be afraid to 'Drop' out of flight by just hitting the space bar and reactivating shortly afterward, it is probably your best way to dodging enemy fire.

Don't get Greedy: If you see the enemy from a heightened position, they likely see you as well, avoid contact immediately with a dodge+dive and come in from a different angle (Never underestimate your ability to catch an arrow to the chest). Always use misdirection and the terrain to your advantage and it ends up helping others. While the enemy was focused on 'Where you were or might be coming from', you and your vampire brothers can seize the opportunity to come from a different angle. The 'Long Dive' is tempting, but it is a huge risk and prepared humans will shred you instantly. Try to refrain from the 'Long Dive' only when re-engaging after a death or an opportunity to help a fellow Vampire in trouble. You can make a big difference by engaging smart and not just the nearest person or the easy kill.

The Snatch: The hardest thing to get good at as it is the core ability of the Sentinel and the most unforgiving in failure. There is almost an art to using Kidnap or Abduct that will take much practice to truly get skilled with. You have to 'Commit' to the dive in most cases as being cautious about it likely only leads to death. Activate the ability just before you are on top of them, as the sound effect for it is very loud and obvious. The faster you are moving when it is active, the more upward momentum you'll receive afterward as well. One advanced (and very risky) benefit is that while active, you won't land. Using it this way will let you fly into a doorway and grab someone and squeeze out the other side if you're moving fast enough. Higher is usually better as well; most humans tend to be only looking slightly above the plane of the field, keeping as much of the area in their line of sight for vamps on the ground or vamps on the roof top. You have to come from even higher above! Hop down the edge of a building and free-fall, activating both flight and the Kidnap at nearly the same time for some super-sneaky snatching. Make the diving snatch as difficult as you can for yourself and you'll snatch and grab before anyone even knows you were there, it is a very satisfying feeling. Go for the weak ones, watch for life bars, take advantage of the third person camera to peer around corners or watch healing stations. This is how you really make a difference, being a vulture that shows no mercy nor honor.

After the Snatch: This depends on the abilities that you have and the situation you are currently in. You always have to react quickly and decisively. If you snatch and are taking fire as you ascend, drop your snack and break off the attack, you won't help your team being dead (Extra Dead?). You've also distracted them with your mere presence and someone might actually chase you Don't get Greedy. Some tactics are take them up to a roof top and than blowing them off for two times the fall damage (Once from the Snatch and once from the fall off the building). Other tactics are to use Puncture to take them on, Man vs. Vamp and snack at your 'sometimes' safety atop the building. If your not being attacked, feel free to drop them on your fellow vamps, they're more than happy to gnaw on them. Or just dive in to finish them off with your bare claws. Try to put a piece of terrain between them and their human buddies though, it forces them to choose between helping their friend and dividing their forces and or leaving him to his grisly fate. In general its always wise to break off if you're taking fire from enemy forces not within your reach, even more so for the Sentinel with your only 'Escape' being a very obvious path and easy to predict.

19th Feb 2014, 23:56
Nice idea! :)
Looking forward to read good guides, because I need it xDD

20th Feb 2014, 00:05
I feel a little sad I wasn't in that list for Tyrant guides! :(

20th Feb 2014, 00:10
Majesticles here! I'll try and type one up about the Scout, since Reaver is my least played class. Victorian Rat is a decent Reaver if I may suggest her.

20th Feb 2014, 00:35
I'll start putting together something simple, but hopefully useful together for Sentinel players, as there will be ALOT of them. Don't think I'm the best at the Sent, but I like to think I'm pretty annoying most of the time :)

Start expecting the 'How do I fly?' question a lot in Closed beta.

20th Feb 2014, 00:38
As some of you know there is a nice communityEditors account. It would be perfect if this guide was able to be posted from that account instead of a private players account or multiple accounts (One topic for guides would be great)

As I see that strike is probably going to help writing and he got access to the account, it would be a good idea to do it. Don't you think so? (setting it up something in the trend of the Known bugslist with the jump links)

and if anyone els need access to the account they have to contact me or strike so we can contact driber (we don't want to many people on it, but incase it is needed).

For the rest great idea and if I can be of any help let me know (have to finish known bug list and FAQ first though)

20th Feb 2014, 00:43
Or, I could just give it to you when it's done and you post it...

20th Feb 2014, 00:54
Ok that is perfect Ill let Driber know to get permission.

(I will create something nice of it with lots of credits to the guys helped building this guide ofcourse)

20th Feb 2014, 02:26
I feel a little sad I wasn't in that list for Tyrant guides! :(

I'd be up for reading a guide you make. I found your tips helpful.

20th Feb 2014, 02:35
Hmm... Cookiedude... I got a seperate one for you if you want?

How about 2 smaller guides: "Vampires" and "Humans"

Unlike the class specific ones think of these as basic guidelines for teamwork within the two races. In other words "How to play effectively as a vampire" and the same one for humans. Because, as we all know and new people don't, they are two very different experiences.

20th Feb 2014, 02:48
I'd be up for reading a guide you make. I found your tips helpful.

Why thank you kind sir!

Hmm... Cookiedude... I got a seperate one for you if you want?

How about 2 smaller guides: "Vampires" and "Humans"

Unlike the class specific ones think of these as basic guidelines for teamwork within the two races. In other words "How to play effectively as a vampire" and the same one for humans. Because, as we all know and new people don't, they are two very different experiences.

But...butbut.....Tyrant...*sniff* Ooook I'll see what I can think of... you meanie.

20th Feb 2014, 02:57
Tyrant is already taken though :)

And, I have you down. :)

20th Feb 2014, 04:19
I'd be willing to write a guide, were deemed I enough nominations to do so.

20th Feb 2014, 09:07
I think this is a wonderful idea :D

I am pretty limited on time this week and how much I can actually type at the moment to be able to write something massive for Alc, though I should be able to pull something together about each item by the end of the weekend...even if it's something for someone else to add too at a later date...

EDIT: It appears the odds are in Nisgoth’s favour - because my computer hasn’t done what it's supposed to all morning so I’ve nearly got something basic drafted. I still need to add proper ability names (no one will understand what I call them)...hopefully either later today or tomorrow it'll be ready!

20th Feb 2014, 11:30
Hmm... Cookiedude... I got a seperate one for you if you want?

How about 2 smaller guides: "Vampires" and "Humans"

Unlike the class specific ones think of these as basic guidelines for teamwork within the two races. In other words "How to play effectively as a vampire" and the same one for humans. Because, as we all know and new people don't, they are two very different experiences.

you want to make this a whole seperate guide of include it in the big one.

1. Introduction
2. Human classes
2.1 Human teamwork
2.1 Hunter
2.2 Scout
2.3 Alchemist
2.4 Reserve
2.5 Reserve
3. Vampire classes
3.1 Vampire teamwork
3.1 Reaver
3.2 Tyrant
3.3 Sentinel
3.3.1 Introduction
3.3.2 Base special attack
3.3.3 Primary
3.3.4 Secondary
3.3.5 Tactics
3.4 Deceiver
3.5 Reserve
4. Reserve
5. Reserve
6. Reserve
7. Reserve
8. Reserve
9. Reserve
10. Reserve
11. Reserve
12. Credits


Something like this. (ignore the reserve post of course I always make lots of extra's for big guides.

(I Doubt about the spoiler part, even though it is easy it takes up pretty much room to place it there)

Might put the teamwork part just in the Human section/Vampire section instead of making a seperate sub heading for them
Or might put it in one of the reserves
Maybe someone (Sausage) can write a short/powerfull introduction if anyone feels like it.

I got this now as a temp one:

Alpha players have been busy, creating a guide for all new players. This guide is written by the Community of NOSGOTH and not only by the people who have access to the CommunityEditors account. Within this guide we try to explain the main tactics of the different classes and thus increase the speed of your learning curve for each and any of those classes.
We hope you enjoy reading this guide. Please click on one of the following links below to leap towards the specific information you are looking for.

20th Feb 2014, 12:47
If you guys end up making a wiki page for the classes, I think you should add the various quotes the classes say as well for spawn/kill/double/execution/etc. Stuff like that is always fun to read.

20th Feb 2014, 15:26
Edited the top.

Also, just for clarification, cookiedude, I wouldn't spend much time, if any on class specific strategies because those will be covered in the class guide itself. I'd only cover general teamplay tactics of the team, like keeping LoS with all 3 of your teammates as humans.

Just didn't want you to do a bunch of extra useless work. :)

If any of you finish a guide e-mail it to me at stachester@gmail.com.

I am keeping them on a private folder in my google drive until we can release them. If any alpha players want to look at them beforehand though I can PM you a link to view it. But, it's inaccessible without my permission, for now, for NDA reasons. :)

The index itself looks nice Hiru. Maybe some tweaks once it's being made, but that's the basic idea! :D

This is turning out well so far, and I'm getting a lot of positive feedback from the veterans about making a guide to help the new incoming players.

20th Feb 2014, 17:11
You are almost a veteran your self Hotdog ;).
Oké I keep it this way. Waiting for the rest of the info

Got permission from Driber so I can post it on Sunday when Alpha forums turn into Open Forum I guess...

20th Feb 2014, 17:59
Edited, ohmz finished his.

20th Feb 2014, 18:12
Yeah what I had in mind certainly didn't include any extensive info on class specific tips no worries :D I'll get mine done by tomorrow methinks.

20th Feb 2014, 18:34
I'm always ready to read and give my opinion on stuff :) my area of "expertise" being hunter,scout/alch,reaver :)

20th Feb 2014, 18:37
Deputy that would be great. Think Sausage will send you a link. (even though I have the latest version and being checked by sausage as we speak)

(we seem like Dev's our self now)

The document now includes Reaver and Sentinel.
Just a few more. :)

20th Feb 2014, 18:55
Not even close, lol.

And I think Lucin might need some help with the alch. I was gonna fine tune it, but if you want to deputy, you can. :)

20th Feb 2014, 19:55
Dev's in the way we communicate.
I will be the lazy dev then :P (where is that snooze button)

20th Feb 2014, 19:57
Communication is the key to efficiency. :)

20th Feb 2014, 20:13
we are so efficient.......

20th Feb 2014, 20:42
Lazy is to key to efficiency

“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” bill gates.

Also I'd like to nominate@Raina en @Victorian Rat for guides on alchy too they are sick alchies, Oh and Raina for sentinel too shes a beast as sent.

20th Feb 2014, 20:54
I asked the Rat, she said "I just spam light bomb and poison, I don't know what I'm really doing." :)

20th Feb 2014, 21:57
I asked the Rat, she said "I just spam light bomb and poison, I don't know what I'm really doing." :)


I'll send you what I have hopefully tomorrow/Saturday and you can see what you think.

Raina isn't about too much at the moment - she will probably have some awesomeness to add at a later date to improve my babble. :D

20th Feb 2014, 22:48
We can always update that is no problem.
Have to do that anyway with the new skills on the way.

22nd Feb 2014, 10:51
Any update on this ??

22nd Feb 2014, 10:56
Any update on this ??

After finally writing my bola-thread I'll start with the Tyrant-Guide today, I promise!

22nd Feb 2014, 11:11
I was supposed to have 2 days off from work but due to certain circumstances I have to cover for someone. That means I will have the guide ready by Monday as I will have to work on Sunday as well. -_- I apologize but I don't have much of a choice in the matter...

22nd Feb 2014, 11:16
Ok that is fine I will post it when CB starts.
and then In the introduction I will write that there can be continues updates from the community.
I will have to work also hard to get my FAQ done and known bug list done.

Won't make it.
(If they just told us that this date would be shutdown for NDA and open CB like 4 weeks ago ;)

Cause they sad transit I assumed they would transit into CB almost instant. This is not the case, there will be a huge break no ETA yet.

22nd Feb 2014, 14:21
We have a bit of time. I'm pretty sure Lucin is about done with hers. But, I don't think Plux, Strike, or Maj have gotten too far yet. :)

22nd Feb 2014, 16:52
Hey, we met in the other thread regarding the NDA, I believe. I mentioned making video guides and stuff.

Either way, I've begun work on the Alchemist one (in hindsight maybe I should have started on general human/vampire gameplay ones). But I figured I would go ahead and ask if there's anything anyone has to share about neat tips/tricks/hints/stuff about playing Alchemist, and all the other classes for both humans and vampires, that might not be super obvious but could be helpful to know about!

Nothing advanced, though. Since it's a video it needs to be simple and short. Also, no abilities past the default ones, for now at least.

I am keeping them on a private folder in my google drive until we can release them. If any alpha players want to look at them beforehand though I can PM you a link to view it. But, it's inaccessible without my permission, for now, for NDA reasons.

Any chance I could view what you've got so far? Odds are I might find something I can use.

22nd Feb 2014, 16:54
PM sent

22nd Feb 2014, 17:00
Thank you. I'll look over it when I'm working on the respective classes.

22nd Feb 2014, 17:05
Thank you. I'll look over it when I'm working on the respective classes.

Great looking forward for your video's.

22nd Feb 2014, 17:11
Alchemist one might be done in an hour or two, at most. (I hope.) I could upload them as well and share them privately for now to ask for feedback about it about changes that could be made or additions that might be needed.

Or maybe not? It's a risky thing to do, especially with videos... Could just treat it like the google drive for these guides and only share it privately on the alpha forum. Thoughts?

22nd Feb 2014, 17:25
...and Alc is done :D

Sausage...it should be in your Inbox :D (try not to laugh too much)

22nd Feb 2014, 17:49
Any chance I could get to see the Alchemist guide real quick? There are some things I'd like to confirm before I start recording voice stuff.

Extra edit: Right now I'd like to confirm that proximity lengthens the duration of the blind effect from the sunlight vial. Also, does it matter if you throw it in front or behind the vampire?

22nd Feb 2014, 18:33

First human guide done, Thanks to Lucin.

22nd Feb 2014, 18:53
Thanks Lucin adding forum coding now.

22nd Feb 2014, 21:09
Finished with a first version of the Alchemist video! It's kinda basic, really, but it should give new players for the closed beta and such a good idea of the basics behind the class before they start failing too much. :p

I'll upload it privately as soon as I can. (Video will be on YouTube, but only people with the direct link will be able to view it. If you are linked it, don't show it to anyone else.) But for now because of the NDA still in place, I'll keep it on a PM basis. I'll go ahead and send
cmstache and hirukaru a link once it's available to recieve the first feedback. If you wish to see it and give feedback on it so far, send me a PM asking for it. Don't dare linking it on the forum directly quite yet.

I expect it should be online in about 20-30 minutes.

(Now I just wish I weren't European and I hate my English and oh god what I have done. XD)

Yeah that took more like 5-6 hours, not 2-3 like I hoped. Oh well. :p

22nd Feb 2014, 21:25
You're welcome :D

Look forward to seeing these videos!

22nd Feb 2014, 21:36
I never cease to be amazed by this community... :group_hug:

22nd Feb 2014, 22:01
Thanks Eric. :D

22nd Feb 2014, 22:04
Video was private up until now. My bad. It's now unlisted, so anyone with the link can see it, but you can't access it via normal means.

PM me for a link to it (those who already got a link should be able to view it now.)

22nd Feb 2014, 23:18
Video was private up until now. My bad. It's now unlisted, so anyone with the link can see it, but you can't access it via normal means.

PM me for a link to it (those who already got a link should be able to view it now.)
Can you send me the link, so I can intergrate it within the final report. Thanks in Advance.

I never cease to be amazed by this community... :group_hug:
Same here Eric

Any chance I could get to see the Alchemist guide real quick? There are some things I'd like to confirm before I start recording voice stuff.

Extra edit: Right now I'd like to confirm that proximity lengthens the duration of the blind effect from the sunlight vial. Also, does it matter if you throw it in front or behind the vampire?

I will send you a pm tomorrow with the final report, even though the ones you got from Sausage will do, because I use that one and only add forum coding, some layout work etc.


Working on Credits part now, looks nice so far. Will be a major Topic btw. (With reserve posts which are alot for future expension I got 23 posts so far)

Size test below:

22nd Feb 2014, 23:26
Never got an alchemist guide. Also, I think I already sent you a PM with the link?

22nd Feb 2014, 23:35
Below is an official test of forum coding and a mock up of the alchemist part of the guide.

Primary abilities
Secondary abilities
General Tactics

Your roles are support and assist, you are an AOE (Area of Effect) dealer so you will not be able to snipe vampires from across the map. Sentinels are your worst enemy! The main thing to keep in mind when playing Alchemist – your powers really do hurt you – remember this when you are casting/shooting. Also you will not be able to do defend yourself as much when alone…though dropping back a little can help with assisting your team and using your abilities.

Suggested Perks: Fleet Footed, Tinkerer, Fast Hands, Cooldown

All weapons deal in naphtha (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naphtha) which is an explosive liquid compound – usually it explodes on contact. As I said above because of what it is, if you fire it in an area around you (i.e. at a vampire right in front of you) or you happen to run near it when it explodes you’ll take damage.

The Hand Cannon and Fullbore Cannon are side grades of each other, the others vary a bit.

Hand Cannon: It does a nice broad area damage. It has a larger clip than the Fullbore, but less damage.

Fullbore Cannon: Same damage area as Hand Cannon, but does more damage but has a smaller clip.

Multi Cannon: A lot weaker than the others but it gives you a wider area damage – three bombs rather than one, if your aim is really bad it’s probably be best to try this one until you get used to shooting more. It also dissipates at longer range due to weapon spread and becomes less concentrated as a result.

Viscous Cannon: Similar to a sticky grenade, it has a delay and does not explode on contact instead it sticks to the target and then explodes. This is better if you have good aim and can land your shots on the actual vampire, that said it’s good to lay down on an area if you can predict the vampire’s moves, if you get it right they take one hit after another because they run into it! This is the only weapon that’s actually effective against evasion after it’s activated.'

Don’t let the name fool you these are the abilities you’ll want to use for your secondary abilities. These are tools to assist in evasion and blinding your enemies so your team/you can target them whilst they flail about or try to escape…which usually involves them running into a wall.

Sunlight Vial: The damage on this is so low it’s not even worth mentioning, only enough to give you 1 XP (enough for an assist on the scoreboard). This is your primary evasion tool – if you are trapped or have a vampire in front of you cast this and dodge…get the hell out of there. For a while your enemy will be blind, and then when far away enough you can use your weapon/other abilities.

Light Bomb: This one deals damage but is less affective as an evasion tool – but that’s what it still is a bit of again, cast do a little damage, dodge and get back enough to use your weapon/other abilities. This doesn’t damage you, however, so it’s a great tool if they manage to get in close.

Even though classed as secondary abilities are your primary damage dealing abilities, the ones you’ll use most of the time – keep in mind these do hurt you if you come in contact with them.

Fire Wall: This is ideal to stop a vampire entering a space, reaching you, blocking a path or just general fire damage. If a vampire is running at you (using charge, marathon, pounces, abduct, etc.) you can cast and they’ll plough right into it and end up on fire. This really does damage to you – it will set you on fire if you don’t do it right. Do not use it right in front of you. If you have a split second to dodge backwards, do it. Use it at a bit of a distance, it’s ideal for blocking doorways/paths or cutting off an escape route.

Flamethrower: More fire and as expected it does damage, you are less likely to burn yourself with this one than the Fire Wall but it can be less affective as it has a shorter time period. It is a short burst and is best used on the move. Run around with it, but it does run out really quick, make sure you’re in range when you start it up. It’s great vs charging tyrants. Can be cancelled early by pressing “e” or dodging.

Poison Cloud: A lime green hand thrown vial, explodes on impact and causes an area to turn toxic to vampires. And again, if you step into it you’ll take damage. It’s great to throw if your team mates are under attack from numerous targets and you are standing a little bit away. It can be thrown quite a distance. Toss this under a teammate falling from a sentinels to help them out of a 1vs1 sentinel combo.

Healing Mist: If you take this you need a very coordinated team to play with, you need to be with players that will back you up as it leaves you an ability down. It’s probably only worth taking if you can live a little and not be the first/second player to die. Your role will turn into the healer, in which case you need to be surrounded or in safety, and don’t stray! You need to keep an eye on your team’s life/damage in the top left hand corner of the screen. This is once again a vial you throw like the Poison Cloud, can be thrown quite a distance. If your team is taking damage you can cast it and heal them. They have to react and know your skill, if they do not stand in the blue goo it’s completely wasted. Taking this ability leaves you more open to death as I said team back up is essential! In the end though, this is probably one of the most underrated skills in the human arsenal.

GENERALALCHEMISTGeneral Tactics and Tips
Assist and break up attacks: Vampires can move pretty quickly and a lot of what you do involves some sort of prediction, so it can go right or wrong. Your job is to throw the enemy into a state of confusion with lots of disruption and damage and you will probably get more assisted kills than kills themselves that said it can be done. When your bombs explode they create a screen shake for your target, so inside is your friend but be sure the space is big enough for your own abilities not to hurt you!

Avoid splash damage: Do not fire your weapon if a vampire is right in front of you otherwise you’ll do damage to yourself, instead melee or cast your lights and dodge and get far enough away to shoot and not cause yourself damage. Dodge is your friend!

Use the camera: When running to your team mates and/or if you have faced the inevitable death it is best to keep your camera tilted slightly upwards (so you’re looking slightly upwards) this will create a nice arc when you fire your cannon, meaning if your team is under attack you will be able to shoot from a distance and you will not end up firing shots on your path to get to them so you won’t get caught in your own explosions en route.

Play to the situation: Your tactics will have to mold around your teammates, how they play, coordinate and function, the same with your enemy, don’t be afraid to change your load-out to suit the given situation and play-styles. If possible, and this will depend on location, find a nice spot close to your team, you’ll want to be a short run distance away, preferable in a door way, with your back to a wall or with your back towards the corner with your team clearly visible in front of you. Make sure you have a clean area to lay down fire; giving you enough space/distance to splash down abilities and/or healing without harming yourself. You can take the other option though and get right in the thick of it if you like, but be sure to have quick reactions to be able to dodge so you don’t end up causing own damage when the vampires attack.

23rd Feb 2014, 02:35
Seems to work good for me. :)

23rd Feb 2014, 10:23
Thanks sausage.
Here also fine

Putting in Video link I guess today and then It is the wait for the rest of the guides and then posting when CB arrives.

can someone who is at home change the picture below to trans. background and same height as the icon in my sig (made by sausage) Thanks in Advance. (I am not home so can't do it my self)

23rd Feb 2014, 12:05
The hunter is the most consistent damage dealer on a team, has good mobility and good control of the battlefield. If you want to start out with something familiar and similar to other fps games start here. The hunter feels for the most part like your average fps character with a machine gun.

Suggested Perks: Accuracy, Fleet footed, Tinkerer.


Clip Size
Fire Rate
Reload Time

2 Sec

Seige Bow
2 Sec

2 Sec

Bolt Thrower
3.5 Sec

The cross bow is the hunters weapon, it functions like any repeater you might have owned in a video game. It has a number of properties which are important because they vary from crossbow to crossbow.

Weapon Attributes:

Spread: This is the area within which your crossbow will randomly place shots (within the onscreen reticle). It can be improved by pressing the right mouse button which zooms in.

Clip size: This is how many shots the crossbow can make before a reload
Fire rate: How fast the crossbow shoots, higher is faster, Multibow is the exception here, it has a fire rate of 1.5 meaning 3 shots every 1.5 seconds.

Damage: Damage per shot.

Reload Speed: Time it takes to reload. Don't underestimate the impact of this, reloading a bolt thrower is certain death in a team fight. May not look like much but 1.5 seconds of extra reloading is an eternity.

Weapon Types:

Repeater: This is the standard weapon the hunter gets, it is in the middle between all the other crossbows, it does everything well but it doesn't master any. Good fire rate good damage decent clip size and reload speed. It is actually generally speaking aside from special situations the strongest crossbow.

Siege Bow: This bow excels at killing tyrants, its reduced clip size and slower fire rate but higher damage make it great for killing tyrants 1v1. The downside is you need to reload more often and you are punished more heavily for missing shots. When it comes to a close range skirmish with a vampire though, this bow excels.

Multibow: Fantastic mid-long range crossbow, it does a ton of damage, it actually has the highest DPS. The problem is the burst shot mode. If you miss a 3 shot burst that is a huge loss in DPS. It also has a massive clip and very good spread, if you hit one of the 3 shots you probably got them all. So all in all very good for skirmishing with vampires when you are not the primary target.

Bolt Thrower: Lower damage huge clip size, and long reload times. Very good bow for those longer engagements. In terms of overall damage per clip it is way higher than other bows. The issue comes with actually putting those shots into a vampire near you before you die. Because of the lower damage its DPS is lower than the other bows and often means you die first.

Primary Skills:

Bola: This skill is absolutely fantastic and overpowered. The Devs may realize how strong it is eventually and do something about it(we'll see, hint hint nudge nudge). The bola locks down a vampire for 3 seconds and makes them unable to climb or dodge. They can only walk around and can't attack. This is almost always a death sentence for a vampire. I would suggest doing some damage before throwing the bola, throw it at the last possible second. Hunters cannot shoot for 1.5(could be more, feel free to correct me) seconds after throwing a bola which means its always best to have the help of your team after you throw a bola. Bola's can be broken by the following skills: Tyrant(ignore pain), Sentinal(takeoff), Reaver(Evasion). You can re-bola/stun a tyrant and Sentinal, you cannot re-bola/stun a Reaver. Tyrants ignore bola while charging.

Poison Bola: This skill has double the cooldown at 20 seconds but adds 300 free damage for landing a bola. It doesn't matter if its broken shortly after it will still do the damage. With the exception of ignore pain which will mitigate further damage from the poison bola. Otherwise it functions exactly like the regular bola.

Secondary Skills:

Fire Arrow: Great skill for adding some punch to your offense, its a very good idea to use at very close range to maximize damage, but try not to damage yourself, this skills does an abnormally high % of its damage to the user as well compared to other skills. Because vampires may decide to evade or disengage if they realize they are in danger use this late in your attack as an type of execute skill, at the same time make SURE you use this skill before you die. At 375 damage it is a big chunk and may help your team secure further kills. It is an AOE skill so should always be used when two vampires are very close to maximize effectiveness. More vampires is obviously nice but its unlikely you will ever get the chance to hit more than two with this skill.

Blinding Shot: This skill has lower damage but blinds vampires, its insanely good vs Sentinals and tyrants. It can cause them to completely miss their highest damage skills. A charging tyrant is extremely dangerous IF he can see. Same with a Sentinal its pretty hard to perform a snatch when you can't see. Reavers are not as heavily effected by the blind because they usually have some form of evasion/escape they can pop as soon as they are blinded and pounce is almost instant therefore sight is not required after you pop pounce.

General Tactics/Advice:

Running: Never ever run, this is basically a general bit of advice, you don't really ever want to run, if your teammates are standing around and your running then you just made that fight 3v4 instead of a 4v4. The only time you should run is when you think you can run faster than the vampire ( fleet footed perk), and this only works if you have enough time to get up to speed. Should you take a melee hit you will get slowed and can't run away anymore. All vampire attacks have a built it short duration slow. One other piece of advice, corners disjoint auto attacks. Use this to its fullest advantage running around a corner or several can save your life. If you are running straight for more than 2 seconds you will be
caught by the vampire. Also be aware of haste and enrage, they make the vampire move fast enough to catch you in any condition.

Aim: If you miss you suck if your hitting things your a killing machine, there isn't a lot you need to do as hunter to be effective. Make sure you got some room to use that awesome aim with and use corners to your advantage to disjoint attacks.

Reloading: Reload constantly, you don't want to reload in a fight. If you have ever played counter-strike you know what I mean. With a repeater I will reload even if I've only used one bullet. As soon as you don't see a vampire to shoot reload immediately. Your worst nightmare is an enrage tyrant and you have to reload, don't let it happen to you!

Aggressive Tactics:
If you want to play aggressive and deal damage I would suggest either bola or poison bola and fire arrows. Poison bola is a damage dealer plus some crowd control, with a regular bola you can control vampires better meaning more damage with the bow. For a weapon I would suggest repeater but any of the bows are good in the right situations. I have used them all and the repeater is simply the best all around, the other bows excel at specific things but the repeater does them all quite well, well enough that on average your DPS output will be higher per match with the repeater. You will want to make vampires approach you from the front, don't stand in one place too long, you have the advantage of moving and shooting. You have extremely high single target DPS and should focus on getting kills, let other characters like the alchemist do the general AOE stuff.
If a vampire is coming don't waste your bullets engaging them to soon unless you know you have time to reload before they get to you. Its kind of like 1600's war when the generals says HOLD.... HOLD.....HOLD............ FIRE! There was a good reason for that, and there is a good reason for it here too.

Defensive Tactics:
Blinding bola and bola I would personally recommend. Bola has a ten second cooldown and you will likely get to use it twice in a team fight. Blinding shot blinds incoming Sentinals and tyrants making them even easier to kill and preventing them from landing devastating abilities.
Your job is to blind vampires that are initiating and make sure your scout has time to punish vampires from range, the alchemist should be able to stay alive on his/her own, the scout however has to stand in one place and work with limited FOV in order to be effective. So don't ever leave your scout, stay by his/her side and protect them like its your own brother. Every charge shot you can buy for the scout before the vampires are in melee range and force him to move, is extremely useful to your success as a team. Try to make yourself a tasty target and dish out some hurt afterwards.

23rd Feb 2014, 12:37
Strike looks good, Ill send you a link towards my document can you put this in there?

23rd Feb 2014, 17:02
Updated. Diexna is also working on some videos. :)

23rd Feb 2014, 17:24
can someone who is at home change the picture below to trans. background and same height as the icon in my sig (made by sausage) Thanks in Advance. (I am not home so can't do it my self)

This may help. (http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20131015145815/legacyofkain/images/8/8f/Nosgoth-Promotional-Logo-Shadowed.png)

23rd Feb 2014, 21:40
Would be great if you remove all shading that is still left.
(Why didnt I upload the picture I have at home to my dropbox)

Guys please send me your Forumname/IGN I got this until now for the credits.
If your name is missing please let me know.

You will all get your forum profile linked in the credits. So be wary of lots of new followers.

The credits will first state forum names and then there in game names (Forumname/IGN) if they are both the same one name will be named.

Flowers to all of the community member who worked on this project:

:flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers: <--- NOTE: will probably be removed but wanted it in now for fun.

Project Leader: cmstache/Sausage (http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/member.php?u=28524)


General Humans

Strike5150/Strike (http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/member.php?u=25126)



General Vampires



hugbringer/BringerOfHugs and cmstache/Sausage (http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/member.php?u=28524)


Hirukaru (http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/member.php?u=26796)

Final checks
Hirukaru (http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/member.php?u=26796), DeputyPotato & cmstache/Sausage (http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/member.php?u=28524)

16th Mar 2014, 21:00
OK team! We did a great job with this whole thing recently. Are there any volunteers for the next guides? We have 4 of them: Valeholm, Provence, Freeport, and Sommerdamm. We can leave them as-is, or divide them into 8 diff ones: Playing as human and playing as vampires for each. Any opinions?

16th Mar 2014, 21:51
Volunteer to do the layout once again.

17th Mar 2014, 06:23
I'm up for making videos again with my fancy new microphone.

However? Making map based guides is a lot harder, and I don't think I could just randomly slap one together like with the classes. At least not with my own knowledge.

Also, why is the community guides not a sticky on the guides forum? I mean, come on. It's all the way at the bottom.

17th Mar 2014, 15:04
They are stickied now, thanks to Raina!

Also, there's no timeline on these. If you want to make them your baby you can. Maybe That'sNotMyPirate will team up with you.

23rd Apr 2014, 13:18
Can anyone provide me with an up to date guide or link for ( with tips and suggestions for abilities and builds) for Scout and Reaver ?
Feeling like im doing sometimes bad combos compared to other players with different abilities

23rd Apr 2014, 13:52
I think all the guides are here; http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=9920 . Im not sure if they are up-to-date but not much changed really.

23rd Apr 2014, 13:58
Ugh, beat me to it. As of now, the only thing implemented into the game that is missing is Mark Target.

23rd Apr 2014, 14:00
Thanks for the quick response guys, cheers!

23rd Apr 2014, 14:13
mhmm, enjoy.

17th Jun 2014, 02:59
I have a question regarding the Sentinel/Razielim:

I've seen some flying moves i couldn't replicate so far...Similar to when you press "left" while flying you dodge to the left, i've seen some sentinels do that upwards and downwards.
I was wondering...how do you do that?

17th Jun 2014, 03:08
Practice.... Also, when you drop a player the sentinel automatically dives then shoots right up.

18th Jun 2014, 01:45
Practice.... Also, when you drop a player the sentinel automatically dives then shoots right up.

Sorry but this didn't help at all...not sure if you understood my question.
The same way you can dodge right and left while flying (by pressing right and left movement buttons), I've seen sentinels dodging up and down at will (no skill ability).
I was wondering how do you dodge up and down.

18th Jun 2014, 14:00
I don't know of anyway to dodge upward, but I cancel and re-engage flight to "dodge" down.

18th Jun 2014, 15:25
I don't know of anyway to dodge upward, but I cancel and re-engage flight to "dodge" down.


18th Jun 2014, 15:45
Saved my rear more than the side strafe ever did

24th Jun 2014, 03:34
I don't know of anyway to dodge upward, but I cancel and re-engage flight to "dodge" down.

No, it's not this what i meant.
I'm having trouble explaining what i mean haha...I'll just give up and try to find out on my own.

Thanks for the help.

Too bad there isn't a Sentinel flying tutorial where i could test it out