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29th May 2009, 20:14
I'm playing Blood Omen 2 and I have a huge problem. I'm in the Eternal Prison at the part where you have to use telekinesis to lower a set of boxes and release the three spiders so you can jump up. I already did this once but the game crashed. So I loaded the game again and now I just can't move that sign thing I'm supposed to move with telekinesis!!! The round glowing thing that's supposed to turn white when you hit the sign just won't work on it. I tried to charm the lady that's behind you to see if charm works at all, and it does. It just wont work on the sign thing. Wtf should I do? I also got the patch and it didn't solve anything. Can anyone help??

1st Jun 2009, 06:01
Sorry mate i cannot remember and i played it 3 months ago.... :S
Try googling it.. put for example Blood omen 2 eternal prison walkthrough or something like that, you´ve might get up with something