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29th May 2009, 20:11
Loads of people want different things in the next tomb raider games, i thought people could post their thoughts here!

I want the ear piece to be back in future tomb raiders, zip can be annoyig, but i missed him in TR:A and TR:U! Also, more raiding and puzzles, e.g. Angels and Demons plots and puzzles are the kind of thing i want in tomb raider, some kind of angel or statue pointing the way!

You guys post. :D

30th May 2009, 17:28
Well i think TRU showed that CD were finally on the right path with TR. Ok it it wasn't perfect but it was better than was the complete disaster that was Legend (as a TR game, as a generic game it was great but TR demands a higher standard.)

Like you TombRaiderGal i would like some better and more difficult puzzles. I wouldn't really mind about story. The story could centre majorily round the artifact and not round Lara this time which i wouldn't have a problem with. This is the way the fist 5 TR games worked and they kept me well entertained. I Think CD need to concentrate more on the gameplay and graphics than story this time round.

Like I said before more puzzles and make them more intricate, The combat should be better and with an integrated cover system when fighting human enemies and some sort of puzzle style fighting for boss fights which i would like to see return. But not really any more than 3. One mid game boss, one end of game sub-boss and a final boss a la AOD. With the amount of people comparing TR to uncharted these days a decent cover and combat system is a necessity for the next TR. CD just have to balance the amount of Combat and exploration/ platforming which was right in neither Legend nor TRU.

I would not like to see the headset return but others would so it may be a good idea to set this as optional in the player tailoring menu, which needs to be majorly revised and expanded for the next TR game. The only way you're gonna please the majority is to let people pick themslves. Let us choose how difficult the puzzles are, let us choose whether we want the headset, let us choose whether we want hard or easy combat. Player tailoring was a great addition to TRU and was an evolution of sorts. CD should work on this. For difficulty of puzzles CD could do what Silent Hill does, the harder the level the more obscure the task becomes.

One thing i really want to see in the next game though is a bit more control on Lara from the players end. Integrated standardised jumps need to make a return, not so much so as in the classics but the elements of running jumps covering more distance than a standing one.. all too often in TRU Lara would over or under estimate a jump and plummet to her death. Also a newly designd manual grab needs to be incorporated. Again not like in the originals where you hold on all the time but to let us the player control which ledge lara will grab. Again too often in TRU i died because I would let go of a ledge expecting Lara to grab one below and she didn't. We should say what and when Lara grabs not the game's encoding. The fact that this was resolved in TRA and made a comeback in TRU was even more annoying!

30th May 2009, 17:48
Just take a TR3, mix Twelve sky with TRL, remove the whiny Lara, and there you go.

EDIT: Whta the hell did I just type?