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29th May 2009, 05:53
Hello all

It's with great pleasure and sleep-deprived minds that we now can present a new, updated website for Mini Ninjas. The site is as close to a Web 2.0 BETA as it can get (i.e. there are still small problems that will be fixed) but it's live and there's tons of stuff on it.

See a total of five trailers on the site, including a brand new gameplay trailer featuring Hiro!
See lots of new screens and get information on the game.

We'll update the site with more trailers and screens over the coming months and we'll add minigames and lots of goodies as well so bookmark the site and come back often!

Reach the site by clicking here (http://www.minininjas.com/uk/) or on the top banner on this page!



25th Jun 2009, 07:33
So, when the next update of the site?
I'm willing to see some MiniGames as well as goodies section. :p

19th Aug 2009, 08:31
It's an interesting way to reveal the latest ninja - Kunoichi - by putting her up on the site with no introduction or annoucement... :scratch:

Also, on the 'goodies' page is it right that Shun, Tora and Kunoichi are labelled wrong when you click on them?

EDIT: From Kunoichi's description on the website and the way Hiro is looking at Suzume in her character vignette it looks like there's a love triangle brewing already! :lmao:

19th Aug 2009, 10:01
Yeah, the Kunoichi character video will go online in about a week. It made a brief and faulty appearance on the new site early this morning but we pulled it - didn't want to overwhelm you guys. Enjoy all the new stuff and get cracking on that demo, guys!

26th Aug 2009, 23:55
I liked the website. It was AWESOME!!! The Goodies were gr8 too. like minigames were purely genius.

But, I would like to report a missing link in the website. On the main page of the website when you click on the frog or the enemy, you are led to this blank page with the menu to one side.

Please fix that, otherwise everything is gr8.

3rd Sep 2009, 18:29
New Mini Games are available at minininjas.com

4th Sep 2009, 13:33
New Mini Games are available at minininjas.com

Thanks for the update. I'm going to go and play them now. :D