View Full Version : Thief 1 Gold - game keeps minimizing.

18th May 2009, 21:51
I've run into a rather unique problem. Having installed TDP:Gold with the -lgntforce command (it was giving me the directx incompatibility error,) and applied the nVidia patch, I managed to get it working - kind of. Whenever the game "switches" (is alt-tabbed out of, or goes from menu mode to ingame engine... see below) there's a chance it gets stuck in minimization mode. What happens is it minimizes itself, and if you try to open it again it works for a fraction of a second, then minimizes itself again, perpetually. Once it's stuck like this, it can't be closed via any means but ending the process in task manager.

It goes into minimization mode at a number of points:
- randomly, at start (~10% of the time)
- randomly, when switching between menus and game content (loading) (~25% of the time)
- whenever alt-tabbed out of, including to set affinity (~40% of the time.)
- whenever resolution is set above 800x600

I'm running Windows 7 open beta, DX 11, on a Dell XPS M1330 (C2D 2.0;Nvidia 8400GS/256;2GB)

Anyone have any suggestions on what this might be caused by? TIA

18th May 2009, 22:28
Nobody knows anything about Win7. There are some testers using it but, no one has any answer that can talk about W7.

There have been problems with DX 10, and again, few if any are using DX11.

You'll just have to try to work it out your self.

You might, and this is a pure guess, try the Legacy, or Tech forums at www.ttlg.com. Register, post your question and specs, and send a PM to Bikerdude. I seem to recall that he is a W7 tester and may have a hint or two for you.

At the moment, I don't know anyone here that is using DX11 or W7.