View Full Version : Heeelp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16th May 2009, 01:09
i bin waiting for so long to play this game and when i play it everything goes very slow like picture by picture my pc has the system requirements please help

17th May 2009, 23:27
Try this:
- Restart the game (kill it if you have to)
- From the main menu, select Options/Video
- First change the "Antialias" setting from 4X to 2X
- You may also need to drop your resolution down (in increments) until the responsiveness of the game is what you like. You have to get into the game to really tell.
- You can't change your resolution from (the same) Options menu while in game (when you press Esc during gameplay)
- You can switch other settings (shadows et al) to lower settings.

(note: This is all dependent on your card's capabilities: I've a powerful card but it was still very slow for me)