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Wolfpack Apone
15th May 2009, 23:31
Wolfpack Apone = Apone 1337 (eidos forums wouldnt let me use my gamer tag for some reason)

ive been playin the demo on xbox for a couple of weeks and finaly got the game today.

overall a good game BUT they have changed too many things that make it more complicated to play.

As a member of the focus group and an active member in the xbox live BSM community id like to point out a few issues that the seasoned BSM community have brought to my attention.

We realise you have designed a NEW game from ground up and it has been in development for over 18 months but there were many things that have changed that simply piss off the BSM community im sorry to be harsh but many of my fellow BSM players are annoyed that this game seems geared towards attracting younger lower skilled players.

ok enough of that here are the issues been brought to my attention

Map Screen - Its to complicated, too much info and the unit ID is docked in the middle of the screen which is annoying when you have a tight formation of ships/planes and you cant see all of your units hiding under the box.
The text is also too small no one can read it, not everyone has nice shiny 40 inch TVs

Binoculars - EVERYONE is annoyed about not getting a variable zoom like in BSM, why was this changed?

Target info - When looking at a ship all you see is little white boxes saying "magazine" "engines" "Fuel", there should be an option to turn this off WE dont need to be told where to shoot we have playin BSM for over 2 years

Manual targetting - On pressing the "A" button you cycle through all targets instead of locking on the one directly in front of you LIKE IT WAS IN BSM, this is no good if you are flying an avenger for instance and dodging gunfire you need to be able to target what ever is infront of you immediately

Free Look - You now have to hold down 2 buttons on the xobox controller to free look around your aircraft, I know about the lock on thing but we also want the ability to free look around, again LIKE IN BSM gives better spacial awareness and ability to dog fight.

Target Reticule - Its too big!!!! please make it smaller

Multi player - The 8 slots in the multi player lobby no longer have any idea as to which units you will get in the game like BSM "Player slot"

Ok so for the patch
1) Map Screen - Undock the info and put it on edge of screen like in BSM and make the Text Bold

2) Binoculars - Put variable zoom back please

3) Manual Targetting - we want to be able to select the unit directly infront of you while your target reticule is over it

4) Free look - We want to be able to use the left stick to look around the planes like in BSM

5) Target Reticule - Simple graphical fix on this please

The general comments from alot of seasoned veterans is "if it isnt broken why fox it?" and "All they had to do was polish up the graphics and the AI why did they change all the rest of that stuff?" these are straight from the mouths of a lot of the community.

This game does have its good points and I AM enjoying the campaign but myself and a lot of the guys simply arent sold on the amount of unnesecary changes.

Id like to hear thoughts


Neighbor Kid
19th May 2009, 20:24
i like you input wolf, but i would like to see more Battleships used.. Honestly the game is great it just needs more battleships that did not make it in, the ships are already modeled, and textured... there in the mission pearl harbor, and like the Download from BSm the iowa class mission y not add the battleships that made it from pearl only 2 battleships were completly lost the Oklahoma, and the Arizona. so y not have a patch that includes the other battleships.

Wolfpack Apone
28th May 2009, 16:30
ok i take back all i said I LOE this game now :)

2 little things still bugging m e tho

no variable zoom on binoculars

and the unit labels do interfere with use of the map because they are slap bang in the middle of the screen