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14th May 2009, 16:08
I am a fan of Thief like everyone here for its unique presentation(dark spooky theme), its smart stealth gameplay and its addictive story (especially the first 2 episodes). However, due to the fast pased development of the game world, I believed that thief 4 has to offer more than just the remake of Thief I & II that is not just sticking to the old gameplay or just carry on the story. But Eidos need to add more revolutionized idea to the game making it more appealing to the newcomers. First, I would like to point out the Pro of Thief that make it successful and the Con that make Thief 3 more or less unattractive (in my opinion).

1. Thief has a linear storyline but a deep and addictive one.

2. Stealth gameplay that required player to be thoughtful and patient. The concept of light and shadow which make sneaking fun.

3. Dark mood .... environment (night time), music (mysterious), dark magic, artwork which you usually find in the Horror-genre game only (I don't consider Thief to be Horror).

4. Bow and arrows ......

5. Medieval/ Renaissance time period .......

1. I believed that Thief 3 tried to offer all that in Thief I & II, however like Deus Ex, its prequel was so excellent that the expectation was so high. So by offering better graphics, new story, new places...... is just not enough for the fan since what we are expecting really are the things we haven't thought of, it has to be something out of our mind. I have to admit that there are many components from the original Thief that I want to see in Thief 4 but if that is all I see or with a little extra, it would only be heart-warming for the 1st hour of gameplay and then the excitement will die very quickly. I understand that offering new gameplay would conflict the original but I believe there must be a better integrated way.

2. I believe that me and many Thief's fan played Thief when we were in our teen where it can chill our spine and keep us excited, but since that day we had played so many other great games(adventure) GTA, Metal Gear Solid, Assassin's Creed, Hitman, Oblivion etc.
The scale of the games are huge, the degree of freedom are high, the stories are more complicated and so on. Thief's environment that is always being a theif that always need to hide and run is sometimes too depressing for my day after work now really. There should be a new possibility and gameplay style added to the story for example

-Game time has a realistic day and night, however you can of course fast forward in time like in oblivion.
-During the day you can play as a nobleman with mission that you can accomplish during the day (with mechanics such as disguise but in a more subtle and coherent to the story which would be more subtle than assassin's creed).
-You can of course carry out normal activities during the day like normal people. You can be more like Robinhood but with two identities. Well you can even enter the Archery competition.
I know that this sound more like an RPG but I mean why not !! I don't think adding these components hurt. Just don't make our thief into action hero that's all so not messing up sneaking gameplay.

The game can still keep its quality story-driven approach.

3. AI with no I part in Thief 3, the enemy need to be smart however with the human logic so the player can exercise their wit.

And so many more thing I wanna discuss with you guys

Hopefully this brings up issue for us to talk about. Please give your opinion on this, thx.