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14th May 2009, 13:11
Here's a thought following previous thief games :

First and foremost, Thief 3 was (sorry to say) so voracious on ressources and high-end hardware that even the most up to date machines had trouble running it. Please don't make the same mistake with Thief 4; broaden the specs a little bit so people will be able to enjoy the game.

I mean damn, i recently re-played thief 3 and there are still some places that lag like all hell even with my 2 years old pc :(

Second : Character evolution.

That's a catch that wasn't done in previous titles. You simply played as garret and that was it, the whole experience depended on the stuff you bought.

There should be a character evolution system. Not like big worlds like oblivion or two worlds but at least something to diversify.

Maybe like developing your accuracy, speed, power, stealth, etc. :)

And last but not least : Windows ! I mean damn, how many times have we all went around a house in any thief games and found ourselves unable to just smash a window to get in ?

14th May 2009, 14:05
I don't really reccomend this. In reality and non-cybernetic fantasy, people don't "level up" through upgrades to their body. :( There shouldn't be an option to increase Garrett's speed or strength or jumping power. Once you start turning him into a "superman," the need for stealth simply vanishes... no pun intended.

But an alternative method would be to "upgrade" his equipment somehow. Perhaps a bow with a straighter trajectory arc. Perhaps a very slight "night vision" option when you use the mechanical eye. Noting too advanced, just something that would let you see moving shapes where you would otherwise see only black.

If you must have upgrades, it should be things that give you an edge in certain situations.. not something that makes the game itself easier.

14th May 2009, 16:58
WHAT? Character developmen? This is Thief not a japanese RPG! We will already get such character development in Deus Ex. Such an addition will defintely ruin Thief

14th May 2009, 17:16
I too reject the idea of character development (ability and stat wise). I DO agree that it should be important for them to have a game with realistic specifications. Take a look at GTA IV's MINIMUM specifications. It's absurd.

ps. Smashing windows is awfully loud don't you think? I know what your saying though ;)

14th May 2009, 17:53
I dont think we really want a rpg version of Garrett. Oblivion does that good enough, what most thief players want from a thief game is more like what thief:the dark project and thief:the metal age gave players. The ability to sneak past your opponent, use lockpicks to get into places, pickpocket unsuspecting NPC, use a vast array of specalised equipment the amout you can buy is dependent on how much cash you were able to aquire in the previous mission/s and whack them extremely hard on the back of the head with a big club if they get in the way, and stash the limp body somewhere where it doesn't alert any wandering NPC, and a decent storyline that doesn't look like it was written for a 3 year old to understand.

15th May 2009, 23:32
Some RPG "keep it simple" elements won't hurt I guess...
I wouldn't worry about engine...Todays engines are modern enough (Unreal 3 or X Ray etc) and gamers current specs can handle it.I don't think we will have nasty surprise here...unless some idiot there in that future team will like to push everything to the edge...