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14th May 2009, 00:44
So I finally got my hands on a demo in NH. For others who live in the area of Durham/Dover Its at the gamestop in the foxrun mall. Anyways,

Beat the 2nd Challenge map on the hardest difficulty, and I got to face a guy in a metal cage sort of suit who was holding two knives. Don't know if it was Zsasz, but it definitely looked like him in the video previews just without the orange top to his suit. Also, you could only beat him using counters. I know someone already posted something like this, but I just wanted to confirm that I also saw this.

Another thing I noticed though was that you get a view of the Riddler's cell in the 2nd challenge map. You can clearly see a bunch of green question marks scrawled on the walls of one of the cells (not sure which one cause of all the moving around). I'm not sure if anyone's posted this yet, if so sorry, just thought it was an interesting bit of info everyone here would want to know

14th May 2009, 03:53
check out this link on the forum...