View Full Version : all i want for the new thief is....

12th May 2009, 02:51
for eidos to not follow any new trend. why "fix" something that is not broken?

so, i only want a thief game. not a splinter cell thief, not a crysis thief, not an unreal thief.

i prefer having an imersive story, addicting atmosphere, astonishing sound and playability that goes beyond 6 hours of game (gimme some days please :p )

i don't really care if i won't have super dooper textures and extra high detail on everything (of course it is welcome ;) ), surely i don't care about multiplaying and please, thief in 2009? think of it... now, please forget it :)

oh. and please... rope arrows rule. bring 'em back. and the ability to grab each part of the enemys' body so it can be hidden properly (ragdolls)

well, that's some of the things that have me thinking.
sorry for the big post and the boring (for some) stuff

Cheers !!!

hem dazon 90
12th May 2009, 03:40
yes lets make them pull a nintendo and reralese the same game thats smart

12th May 2009, 03:43
They certainly need to stick to the roots. From what it sounds like so far, that's exactly what they intend to do, but I wouldn't hate having something new and different as long as it didn't detract too much from what made TDS and TMA great.