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12th May 2009, 01:47
Yay Canada!
Yay Thief 4!

I'm absolutely elated to know there will be a fourth Thief game. I implore the developers not to bugger it up and if you're open ending the gameplay, please do so with a bit more glamour than Mr. Spector's team managed (although I enjoyed the third installment nonetheless).

Please remember that side quests are not errands. GTA presents open ended gameplay such that the story always receives an effect as a result.
No escort missions. AI partners are not allowed either. Thank you.

Contact Ikka Keranen. If there's anybody whom you should be paying for level design, it is that man (created the original Life of the Party for Thief 2 [as well as others], as well as single handedly producing a long list of incredible content for various titles, including the Quake 1 mod titled 'AirQuake')
His site (mind the dust, last updated in 2001) is at http://ikq.planetquake.gamespy.com/
Anyhow, this man is a genius and worth looking up... if he's not already busy, being paid lots and lots of money.

Aside from these quick words, I wanted to say best wishes and I hope your efforts are fruitful as I'm eager play another chapter in what I consider the greatest series of all time, with Half-Life playing runner-up.

St├ęphane, thanks for performing the interview on IncGamer, it was informative and regarding us fans please remember what Yahtzee (http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation/544-Thief-The-Dark-Project)says:
"Fans are clinging complaining dip****s who will never ever be grateful for any concession you make. The moment you shut out their shrill tremulous voices, the happier you'll be for it.":p

12th May 2009, 02:05
Actually, Emil Pagliarulo was the primary designer responsible for Life of the Party. He recently was Lead Designer for Fallout 3.

But getting Ikka back on Thief would be nice. However I would guess he's pretty happy working for Valve right now.