View Full Version : Thanks Eidos

11th May 2009, 22:53
Don't know if any of you remember this but in my arkham story, i said Harley appeared near quincy tied up. And i'm starting to think edios really does listen and if you give something that makes the story fall in place they will listen.Take a look at the Harley trailer.

The Bat
11th May 2009, 23:00
Thats good that they listen to the fans. This probably means they actually ARE trying to impress the crowd and deliver the true essence of Batman and not JUST to receive the money. That's what you call a great company!

Ensanguined Walls
11th May 2009, 23:06
With all of the previews being very positive, I think we have an awesome game to look forward to.

11th May 2009, 23:08
Yes we sure do. And i can't wait to get my hands on it. I got a site that is helping them.