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5th May 2009, 17:19
When I try and install on this computer (win XP) I get a message telling me the direct x i not compatible with Windows NT!
I'm not running NT!

I just want to play Thief!

5th May 2009, 19:03




READ all these threads. They are STICKY for a reason.

6th May 2009, 18:12
Thankyou for that. I managed to get it to install but now it goes traight to black screen having run for 3 minutes the first time. I have downloaded the DDfix thingy but have no idea what to do with it. Windows offers to open it with wordpad and there's just a box of gibberish. I know nothing about computers, just want to play games.
Win XP
3 gig prcessor (single core)
Radeon 9100 video card

I apolosgise for not knowing all this stuff in advance!

6th May 2009, 19:25
You need to unzip the DDfix file first I bet.

7th May 2009, 00:37
No need to apologize. The page with DDFIX on it (at least one of the sites) should have information on how to use it. I don't use it.

But try this. UNZIP the file (just dbl click on it). A window should show up with the files listed. It asks you if you want to install the file, Extract the file, and some other such.

EXTRACT the file to your DESKTOP. Then just EXPLORE the file, and if it contains a README. Then READ the file. That should have the info in it.

If I am incorrect about the above, I'm certain that one of the other members will set us straight.

But you do need to UNZIP the file to see what it contains. DO NOT UNZIP FMs if you start to use them.

7th May 2009, 11:42
thanks for the reply. Double clicking just opens the file with wordpad. With its gibbersih.

<bangs head on keyboard cos just wants to play Theif Gold>

Weird how it let me play 3 minutes before crashing to the black screen though. Now it wont go past black screen.

7th May 2009, 11:48
what about the compatibility thingy? Can someone remind me how to do that. Would that sort it out?

7th May 2009, 11:58
nope. that doesnt work. the game starts, you choose your level, buy your gear. press Continue and the screen goes black and remains that way.
This is a single core, Radeon 9100 card (haven't updated the drivers for some time cos I don't usually play games on this machine) Direct X 10 (I think)
<loses will to live!>

8th May 2009, 16:17
DDFIX requires that the resolution you set in game (through the Thief options menu by editing CAM.CFG) be exactly the same as the resolution you set in DDFIX (edit DDFIX.INI, or through the DDFIX GUI). If not equal, the game will crash as you describe.

I think compatibility is a waste of time. It does not usually make a difference, and it should not be necessary. XP works fine.

I am not sure if DX-10 works. It probably does. Use DXDIAG at the RUN menu or the comand prompt to find out what version you have. Fix the other things first before exploring that issue.

8th May 2009, 18:03
Download 7-zip or WinRar to unpack the contents of the DDFix. Also, there is a DDFix gui version that fixes something else entirely, but I don't know if you need it for Thief Gold or not. I needed it for Thief 2 so I imagine you'd need it for Thief 1 too

8th May 2009, 20:25
The GUI is not necessary, but it is desirable for most. Without the GUI, to make a first-time install, you need to use a hex editor to modify the Thief EXEs so they refer to the DDFIX.DLL rather than the default Direct Draw graphics. Note that you need a fixed exe before doing the DDFIX EXE patch by either method. You can solve both problems at once by going to the TTLG Legacy Gaming Technical Support forum, where there are links to T1, TG, and T2 EXEs that are already patched with DDFIX. Having those in place, then all you need is to edit the parameters in DDFIX.INI, which is simple enough using either the GUI or a text editor.

9th May 2009, 09:32
righty. I will go read those.
I really haven't the faintest idea what you eman about editing things.
I have direct X 9c.

9th May 2009, 10:01
ok. Have read everything.
Downloaded 7-zip
downloaded the DDFix thingy. Its sat on my desktop. If I double click on it wordpad *always* opens it so there's apage of gibberish.

If someone has the pateince could they talk me through this blow by blow.

T1 will start up but once you click on 'start game' the screen goes blck
T2 installs, starts and lets you play a few moniutes then freezes.

Win XP
direct X 9c
Radeon 9100 (have't updated drivers for a year or so)

I am seriously considering paying someone to do this! Or getting the old win 98 desktop sat in the cupboard reformatted so I can play theif!

9th May 2009, 10:30
some success. Successfully downloaded winrar. Put ddfix into T1 files and clicked on it. Picked resolution and apply patch.
Game still goes onto black screen after you press start mission.

9th May 2009, 15:31
You are not being clear about what you did. Did you make sure that the two resolutions, Thief and DDFIX, are the same, as I said? Editing means open with notepad or equivalent and modifying text. There are two files in question: CAM.CFG and DDFIX.INI. They must specify the same resolution. The key words are different, but it should be clear by inspection what they mean.

9th May 2009, 16:48
ok. Can open ddfix.ini fine. Cannot open cam.cfg.

T1 lets you load. T2 even starts the mission then freezes. t1 just goes black.

Any probs with radeon 9600's that I might be overlooking?

9th May 2009, 16:50
thanks for taking the time to help. It is appreciated.

11th May 2009, 01:09
Right click on cam.cfg, select "open with", and choose notepad. Another approach is to go into thief, select the options menu, select video and then select a supported resolution, say 1024 x 768 (regardless of your monitor, that one should work). Then exit Thief and select the same resolution in ddfix.ini. For example,

13th May 2009, 00:44
Riven, read this page. Read it ALL before you continue, and be sure you pick the right method (GUI) or Manual before you start with the DDFIX .


7th Feb 2010, 01:40
Ok, I have both cam.cfg and ddfix.ini with the same resolution, but there's the black screen again when I try to start the game.

How can I do?

7th Feb 2010, 03:03
You apparently have some other problems with your setup.

I suggest you uninstall, clean out every referrence to GOLD and start over. Get the game running and then, and ONLY THEN, start making the ddfix and other tweaks.

The first place to start is with the CPU single core affinity setting and go from there to the graphic drivers, if needed. Then try the fancy crap.

I have all SIX (6) versions running on my XP system.

Yeah SIX. TDP unpatched, TDP patched, TGOLD, TMA unpatched, TMA patched, TDS Ver 1.1.

I run TDS with the minimalist tweaks to kill loot glint and arrow trails. But I made certain that ALL the games ran clean before I started tweaking.

By the way I run DARKLOADER for TDP/GOLD?TMA only and have TDS installed on C: DRIVE with Garrettloader accessing TDS only.

No problems with FM's for T1 or T2, and no problems with FMs for TDS.

7th Feb 2010, 14:48

Now reinstalling and making it starting before it works!! Thank you alot theBlackman!!