View Full Version : Is it just me

14th Feb 2014, 15:01
Or did i see a teleport ability in the menu for vampire powers.....mmmmmm, what other powers could be implemented that are not clan specific.
Loved the gameplay videos and am now twitching to be part of beta

15th Feb 2014, 05:21
Actually - there is a whole lot of stuff that can be implemented.
In the first LoK game Kain had an arsenal of arcane magic at his disposal: Lightning Bolt, non-leathal Stun, Repel (magic shield); but all of that seems to be left behind. Here, you can check things out:

Although none of the clans from SR seemed to be... erm... tendency or any relation to arcane magics. However here you can read about Dumahim Arcane Forges, so... Abyss knows what we might see.