View Full Version : Tomb raider I&II&III prequels?

Jonathan Croft 1996
3rd May 2009, 10:35
does any one else thing the first three tomb raiders are actualy prequels as wiston is older, there is no zip and alister and she lives in a different mansion as the nice one got demolished in tomb raider underworld...

3rd May 2009, 10:51
nope, you do have a point there but then lara wouldnt know natla in underworld as lara kicks her but in TR1

23rd May 2009, 00:54
And there is also...after Lara's mansion gets blown up and she sees the new doppelganger for the first time, Zip asks her, "What the....was that thing?" and Lara Replies, "I've only seen one like it once before, A doppleganger that Natla sent after me years ago but that one didn't have a mind of its own."