View Full Version : Batman's "competition" has been Reviewed...

29th Apr 2009, 12:09
It's the AU rating though...


I didn't even know it was rated M...Honestly seems like a bad move seeing as how Batman looks a lot darker and NOT for the sake of blood and gore...

Ensanguined Walls
29th Apr 2009, 12:26
This game is releasing on May the 1st.
Batman: AA is releasing on June 28th.

Almost a two month difference. Not really much competition.

The New Blueguy
29th Apr 2009, 12:28
I will be getting both and I will say that both games justify their rating. Wolverine could not have been done any less without being the same old crap. Batman doesn't kill so it would never get an M rating. Besides, they'll both be great for different reasons.

29th Apr 2009, 12:29
It's more in the sense of major game based on Comic Book properties in 2009...

29th Apr 2009, 13:21
Eh, I had a feeling that that Wolverine game would be alright at best. I still think it's going to be fun and I want to get it sometime, but maybe when it's on the $20 rack -- I'd happily give it a rent for now given the opportunity.

I have a feeling that, T-rating and all, Batman is going to send Wolvie home with his bags packed. It has so much more in store than minute after minute of mindless combat (which I don't exactly mind if it's done right, but it's always better to have something more).

29th Apr 2009, 16:30
Wolverine doesn't look very good to be honest. Batman will be the better game.

29th Apr 2009, 18:02
should read the review first then look at the score...because he mostly says positive things that would then end up being a score of 8.5, then gives it a score thats nowhere near what he was saying. He also gave it a 6.5 in length, saying it was a 15 hour game...thats longer than most games these days, and 8 hour games get like 8.0 for that section...read the review..then look at the score...whose to say Batman wont end up the same


theres a video review from someone who plays games for fun, and not as a profession....fun is what games are all about, plus blood and gore..does not make a game dark btw..and I dont think it was trying to be dark

29th Apr 2009, 18:24
iv got the wolveirne game cheak my thread ( for the ppl who dnt knw what do ) if u want ask anything :thumb:

30th Apr 2009, 10:54
i dont agree with this because i played it yesterday at a friends house and it was really cool

30th Apr 2009, 12:20
friends house?

30th Apr 2009, 13:19
you cant compare those 2, very different genres