View Full Version : In my opinion, it shouldn't be too hard to add more of certain villains

27th Apr 2009, 21:13
If you guys saw my thread "My personal impression of the demo", I'm sure you remember that I talked about Zsas, since I'm pretty much 100% sure he was in there. This got me thinking. Most of Batman's most famous enemies are just as human as he is. Of course the inevitable final battle with The Joker should be something of epic proportions on every scale, something that tests all of Batman's abilities put together. But I think it wouldn't be too hard to make fighting certain people, like, say, Two-Face or Penguin, heck, even people like Lock-Up or Clock King if they wanted to put them in, the same way you get to fight Zsas.

Being a Two-Face fan myself my ideal boss confrontation with him would be a combination of both a fistfight revolving throughout an area put together with some strategical grapple swinging and batarang use; maybe Two-Face could get access to some big guns lying around the place and he runs from one to the other depending on what you do, and he has some traps and hostages that he's setting off while you're trying to incapacitate him or negotiate with him. But even if this is reduced to the kind of confrontation you get with Zsas in the challenge mode I will still be happy, as I just want him to appear, and I know it would still be a worthy fight. If this is the ultimate Batman game and he's trapped in Arkham Asylum for the duration it's logical to expect that a LOT of his fully human enemies are locked in and wanting a piece of him as well. Some people like The Penguin I can understand not having his usual stuff in like his umbrella guns and things assuming he has been held in the Asylum longer than others. Joker having everything up his sleeve is just plain logical since he was barely administered in Arkham before breaking free and wrecking havoc.

Of course even if this cannot be, I am confident that this game will still be great with everything it already has.