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26th Apr 2009, 18:58
Sorry, the bang key got stuck. :D "Please provide system information and feedback", three years ago I bought a pair of Dell XPS-400 machines with Nvidia 6800 video cards. Both the 6800 cards burned out, were replaced, then burned out again after the warranty expired, no idea why. Replaced with an 8400GS and an 8600GT, after which Thief Gold and Thief 2 would no longer run on either system.

I bought Thief 3 and that worked okay, but my son (autistic teenager) likes to go back and play old games from time to time - and after installing his new video card he was no longer able to play 1 or 2. :mad2:

I already had the patch for thief gold and safe texture fix in the user.cfg for thief 2 and had previously downloaded and installed imagecfg.zip and made the process.bat a few years ago, but after the latest video card even all that no longer worked. Found this website today, read Peter Smith's tips threads, got to number seven and downloaded the DDFIX, and HOORAY! Got Thief 2 working. My son is positively giddy, so I just wanted to say THANKS! :wave:

27th Apr 2009, 17:30
Welcome to the forum sniper297, :) Glad the tips worked out for you, and you were able to solve your problem! Nice to have those tips. Glad too your son is a happy camper, do you play Thief? You should. ;)